Awaken Your Business

Awaken Your Business
Have you caught yourself avoiding or resisting the emotions of fear, doubt, and uncertainty? Are you starting to realise that you are chasing more success as a solution to feel ‘enough’ or happy? I believe this is what cuts off your creativity, flow, and alignment to design the online business your heart is pulled towards. It’s in this podcast where we uncover those unconscious patterns, allow them to transcend, and have your business success be the by-product of your personal awakening.

77: Master Your Health For Business Success - W/ Brigitte Mars
Jul 3 • 57 min
It’s clear, if you are wanting to grow a business that taps into your divine genius and contribute at the highest level, your health must be placed as a priority. It’s in this episode where Brigitte Mars drops some wisdom of her 50 years experience in the…
76: Uncover Your Unconscious Business Beliefs
Jun 29 • 19 min
Whether you know it or not, your beliefs determine what’s possible for you in business. It’s in this episode where you are able to uncover your current beliefs about business, money, and yourself with the opportunity to shift them towards who you are…
75: How To Create Miracles In Your Life- W/ Rodrigo Diaz
Jun 25 • 53 min
If you are repeating the same patterns in your life and not living your dreams, allow Rodrigo to share with you his secrets for creating miracles and tap into the divine energy.
74: How To Use Metaphysics Without Being Dangerous To Yourself
Jun 22 • 22 min
Most people know just enough about metaphysics to cause suffering. Why? Most people use these tools with conditions, not wholeheartedly. In this episode I’ll explain how to completely use these tools for your souls expansion.
73: Inner Healing And Finding Alignment - W/ Christina Kaufmann
Jun 20 • 40 min
If you are looking for inner healing and inner alignment, allow Christina to walk you through the steps that will benefit you on your business journey.
72: How To Master Your Energy Field - W/ Eleonor Amora
Jun 16 • 48 min
If you are looking to master this new wave of consciousness and capitalise to grow your business, this is a conversation for you. Eleonor Amora will be walking you through her tips and strategies for you to master your energy field and grow your business…
71: 4 Questions To Help You Receive Abundance And Joy
Jun 13 • 21 min
If you are like most people, you might be trying to achieve and manifest because you are unhappy with your life. In this episode, we dive into the 4 questions that when answered, will help you attract higher levels of abundance and joy.
70: Overcome Doubt And Become A Leader - W/ Rachel White
Jun 10 • 49 min
Are you caught balancing the two disciplines of spirituality and building a business? Rachel White is the master to combine the two and make sure you maximise impact, income, and overall wellbeing.
69: Do What You Love Full-Time - W/ Asha Prasad
Jun 8 • 52 min
If you are on the fence and struggling to gain the courage to take your heart’s leap, this is the episode for you. Asha Prasad is about to walk you through how she left everything behind to follow her heart and do what she loves full-time.
68: How To Attract An Aligned Business Team - W/ Kris Ward
Jun 7 • 46 min
If you are stuck in business and feel run down, overwhelmed and tired, chances are you don’t have team. In this episode, Kris Ward will help you find creative ways to grow an aligned business team so you can not only get some time back, but thrive in your…
67: How To Deal With The Uncertainty Of Life
Jun 4 • 12 min
If you are dealing with anxiety, stress, worry, frustration, or uncertainty, you are not alone. In this episode, I’ll walk you through a shift in focus that will guide you from uncertainty towards love and compassion.
66: How To Find Your North Star - W/ Dan McPherson
May 31 • 70 min
Are you looking to find your calling, purpose, and mission that will make a meaningful difference? Dan McPerson is joining me in this episode to share with you the simple questions to ask yourself to uncover the truth of what you are here to do in the…
65: How To Access Your Inner Business Wisdom
May 27 • 52 min
It’s in this episode where you learn how to call upon your inner business sage. With this resource at your disposal, you can access guidance, insight, love, and peace on the business journey.
64: How To Overcome Hardship Using Inner Guidance- W/ Rubia Lacerda
May 25 • 54 min
If you are looking to overcome hardship and use your inner guidance to find your next step on your journey, this is the episode for you.
62: Why You Unconsciously Hold Onto Problems
May 24 • 38 min
Can you start to see the patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in your life? In this group coaching call, we discuss how to become aware of these patterns and how to create rapid shifts through awareness and love.
61: How To Follow Your Intuition In Business- W/ Daniela Abedrabbo
May 17 • 50 min
If you are looking to grow a successful business without the grind, allow Daniela to show you how she did it using her intuition…
60: How To Combine Spirituality With Your Business Facebook Strategy
May 14 • 48 min
If growing an online business is part of your calling, it’s in this call where you will learn how to leverage your content and grow your business with heart.
59: How To Take Your Leap Without Needing Security
May 11 • 11 min
If you are to follow your heart and take the leap, there is one thing you need to let go of…
58: How To Understand And Shift Your Behaviour Patterns
May 6 • 52 min
If you are wondering why you feel and behave the way you do, this is the episode for you. Here you explore the unconscious reasons why you develop patterns in your childhood, and what you can do today to make a shift for the better.
57: How To Release And Heal Anger
May 4 • 16 min
Do you recognise anger, resentment, or regret in your life? In this episode, I walk you through the 3 steps on how to move past these patterns so that you can live with more inner peace right now.
56: How To Recognise Common Personality Patterns
May 2 • 19 min
What are the common personality traits that may be lurking in your unconscious mind that are stopping you from reaching your potential? This is what we will be tackling in today’s episode of the Awaken Your Business podcast.
55: How To Build Your Personal Brand Online - With Jon Michail
Apr 28 • 49 min
Whether you realise it or not, now is the time to build and capitalise on your personal brand as a business owner. In this episode, Jon Michail walks you through the exact steps of how to do that with authenticity and authority.
54: How To Shift Your Emotional State
Apr 27 • 14 min
There are 3 factors that make up your mental and emotional state: Focus, Inner Language, and Physiology. In this episode, I’ll explain how you can become aware of these factors and use them to your advantage on your path to living the life you want.
53: How To Generate Creativity For Your Business - With Wendy Scheuring
Apr 26 • 45 min
If you are to succeed in business, you must harness your ability to be innovative and creative. In this episode, we have a deep dive into how you can generate creativity on demand, and find out what implications it can have for your business.
52: How To Heal Inner Conflicts - A Mental Exercise
Apr 25 • 14 min
It’s important to remember that all characteristics exist within us. In this episode, I walk you through a mental exercise of peace, where you can start to heal your inner conflicts through curiosity and inquiry.
51: How To Balance Your Masculine And Feminine Energies - With Anastasia Burtnick
Apr 24 • 77 min
If you are looking to get the most out of life, balancing your inner masculine and feminine energies is one of the most important things you can do! In this episode, Anastasia explains how to do exactly that.
50: Uncover Your Purpose - Exhale With Purpose
Apr 23 • 18 min
This is the last episode of the 4 that guide you to uncovering your purpose. In this episode, we cover the all-important topic of what action to take, and how to do it in a way that feels aligned.
49: Uncover Your Purpose - Living With Grace And Reverence
Apr 22 • 15 min
In uncovering your purpose, there is one pattern that you must overcome, and that’s the judgments of others. How do you do that? Live a life of grace and reverence.
48: Uncover Your Purpose - Assume The Feeling
Apr 21 • 13 min
We continue our path to uncover your purpose. In this episode, we talk all about the importance of feeling the empowering emotions ahead of time, and how wanting from a place of lack can leave you stuck.
47: Uncover Your Purpose -Surrender With Stillness
Apr 20 • 18 min
Do you want to uncover your inner calling and heart’s purpose? In this episode, we will discuss how you do just that while surrendering with stillness.
46: How To Find Your Calling
Apr 19 • 15 min
How do you find your calling? What gets in the way from you being clear about the path you should be on? This is what we discuss in this episode of the Awaken Your Business Podcast.
45: The Most Powerful Affirmation
Apr 18 • 8 min
Are your wishes and affirmations coming from a place of lack? In this episode, I discuss a simple reminder that will shift your energy from lack into abundance so that you can enjoy heightened levels of receiving.
44: How To Master Transparent Selling -With Koray Kuroz
Apr 17 • 54 min
If you want to land sales with more ease and without the sleaze, this is the episode for you. In here, Koray Kuroz delivers a mastermind call all about how to master the art of transparent selling. This is selling from a place of honesty, transparency,…
43: Are You On An Emotional Roller Coaster?
Apr 16 • 11 min
Do you feel you are on an emotional roller coaster? In this episode, we explore what this means and why this may be more in your expansion than you think.
42: Embodying Love And Detachment- With Michelle Skaff
Apr 15 • 46 min
Do you need to inject some more love, joy, and surrender into your world? In this episode, we have another power conversation with Michelle Skaff, talking all about how to follow your passions, build a business with your heart, and focus on making a…
41: Be Behind And Below To End Up In Front And On Top
Apr 14 • 14 min
Why aren’t you getting what it is you want? Odds are, you are becoming attached to the outcome and therefore not in alignment with receiving. In this episode, we explore how to shift that focus on its head so you can live with more freedom and abundance.
40: Overcoming The Need To Be Right
Apr 13 • 13 min
When you have the choice to be right or be kind, which one do you choose? The need to be ‘right’ is a pattern that may be costing you more than you think.
39: From Self-Made Millionaire To Self-Love Advocate - With AJ Mihrzad
Apr 12 • 48 min
If you are looking for an inspiring story, this is the episode for you! AJ openly discusses his recent hardships with finances, injuries and mental health struggles and shares what he did to turn it all around to feel more peace, love, and joy than ever…
38: Is Spirituality Your Distraction?
Apr 11 • 14 min
Are you using spirituality as a distraction from truly seeing yourself? In this episode, we answer this question and dive deep on the topic of using both Eastern philosophies and Western psychology to make sure you are living the best life possible.
37: Is Your Heart Open?
Apr 10 • 11 min
Did you know that your heart could be open or closed regardless of which emotions you feel? In this episode, we will discuss how to tell if your heart is open or closed and what this will mean for your levels of inner peace.
36: Live Coaching: ‘Who Am I To Be Doing This?’ - With Irina Strunina
Apr 9 • 56 min
Have you ever asked yourself ‘who the hell am I to be doing this’? What about ‘I want to follow my heart, but how do I make money’? These are the questions we tackle in this live coaching example of the Awaken Your Business podcast.
35: Do You Judge Others In Business?
Apr 8 • 12 min
Judgements about others can creep up on you, often going unnoticed. In this episode, I discuss my own patterns with judgements, and how you can start to become more aware of your own patterns that could be costing you dearly.
35: Is Your Need To Be Right Stopping You From Being Kind?
Apr 7 • 13 min
Do you feel the need to make your case, defend yourself and prove why your opinion is right? In this episode, we explore how this egoic pattern could be cutting you off from something a lot more valuable than being right.
34: How I Handle Frustration
Apr 6 • 14 min
Do you ever wake up frustrated, anxious, or worried? Last night I woke up at 3-am with a ball in my stomach. In this episode, I explain what went through my mind, body, and spirit to start my day fresh and empowered.
33: Live Coaching: From ‘Bad Person’ To A Total Badass - With Angie Olinger
Apr 5 • 47 min
Do you ever feel like a ‘bad person’? In this episode, we dive into this question as a live coaching example, and we uncover the freedom and unconditional love that’s on the other side of embracing the ‘bad’ side of us.
32: Live Coaching - Overcoming Business Confusion With Andreea Tamas
Apr 4 • 41 min
Ever felt confused or overwhelmed with the question ‘which business tactic is right for me?’. This is the confusion and frustration we work through in this live coaching example.
31: How Infinite Patience Creates Immediate Results
Apr 3 • 9 min
Do you feel yourself becoming impatient? Does your ego have a story about when you should and shouldn’t have something in your life? In this episode, we explore how you can reach a level of inner peace that leads to both more patience and more results.
30: How To Pivot In Business Using Your Heart - With Emi Kirschner
Apr 2 • 60 min
If you are asking yourself the questions of ‘what do I do next?’ or ‘how do I know if this is the right move?’, this is the episode for you. In this conversation, Emi Kirschner walks you through the steps on how to focus inward and follow your heart…
29: How To Tell If Your Head Or Your Heart Is Speaking
Apr 1 • 11 min
Does the voice inside your head give you ideas, guidance, and advice? In this episode, I cover some tips so that you can reveal if this inner voice is coming from your head or your heart.
28: How To Find Your Calling Through Chaos -With Christina Lopes
Mar 31 • 60 min
In this episode, I bring you a special mastermind call from the FB group ‘Connect Contribute Collaborate’. Christina Lopes is about to walk you through the tools and tactics for finding your inner calling through uncertainty and chaos. If you are unsure…
27: How To ‘Let Go’ And Reach Expansive Business Results - With Irene Salazar
Mar 30 • 45 min
If you are hung up on business outcomes and want to attract more effortless abundance, this is the episode for you. Irene Salazar is about to walk you through the crucial steps of ‘letting go’, living with peace, and having answers flow from within.
26: One Question To Expand Your Spiritual Growth
Mar 29 • 18 min
In this episode, we question the ego’s assumption on what is good or bad for you. When you separate yourself from the outcome, you can receive the lessons you are supposed to learn.
25: How To Reach Self-Love Through Trauma - With Michelene Cain
Mar 28 • 45 min
Do you have challenges or pain from your past that needs resolving? In this episode, we hear from Michelene Cain. She shares her inspiring journey to move from trauma to self-love and gifts you with some tools and strategies on how you can do the same.
24: Are You Successful?
Mar 27 • 15 min
Do you feel the pressure to succeed? In this episode, we discuss the topic of what it means to be successful, and how a simple reframe can bring more peace into your life.
23: The 3 Steps To Move From Fear Into Love - With Jennifer Forster
Mar 26 • 50 min
If you find yourself striving for your goals, you may recognise that your energy is coming from fear. In this episode, Jennifer Forster will walk you through the 3 steps that shift you from fear into love and expansion.
22: Live Coaching: What To Do When Things Are Outside Your Control
Mar 25 • 32 min
In this episode, you will hear a live coaching example of how to move from fear to freedom, even if you feel out of control. If you are looking to serve and contribute in times of chaos, this is an episode for you.
21: Start To Observe, And Find Inner Peace
Mar 24 • 14 min
Ever get caught up in the frustrating and fearful stories your mind is believing? It’s in this episode where you learn to become the observer of your patterns and find your way to inner peace.
20: If You Strive, You’ll Never Arrive
Mar 23 • 16 min
Have you found yourself pushing, hustling or grinding, only to find a world of pain and frustration? In this episode, we will discuss how you can shift the push to peace, where you can achieve what you are after with flow and alignment.
19: Your Golden Opportunity In Times Of Uncertainty
Mar 22 • 15 min
In times of uncertainty, opportunities golden opportunities are presented in front of you. In this episode, we will discuss what those opportunities are and how you can use them to make a meaningful difference in your life.
18: The 7 Steps To Grow Your Business From Your Soul
Mar 22 • 27 min
In this episode, I highlight the 7 steps you can implement throughout your day to become more aware of your patterns, separate yourself from your ego, and grow your business by being connected to your soul.
17: How Fear And Pain Are Part Of Your Awakening
Mar 15 • 18 min
If you are wondering why you feel so much fear and uncertainty, this episode will explain how and why it could be in the divine plan for your spiritual awakening.
16: Heal Your Wounded Masculine And Reach Inner Peace
Mar 12 • 25 min
If you find yourself needing to achieve in order to feel worthy, you may have an overdeveloped masculine energy. It’s in this episode where you reach balance for inner harmony, more peace, and next-level business results as a by-product.
15: How To Elevate Your Level Of Consciousness
Mar 7 • 34 min
There are 4 levels of consciousness, and your current level determines which tools will help you move forward in business. In this episode, you will discover which of those 4 you sit in, and what you can do to elevate to your next level.
14: Use Your Network And Increase Business Reach - With Nathan Hirsch
Mar 5 • 39 min
In this episode, you will learn the 3 practical steps you can implement in your business today that will give you more reach, influence, and sustainable growth. Yes, this is all about how to leverage your business network.
13: Are Your Goals Harming You?
Mar 4 • 18 min
Have you ever questioned if your goals will actually lead you to the result you are after? If you know at some level that achieving those goals won’t fulfill you internally, this is the episode that explores what will.
12: How To Know What To Do Next
Mar 1 • 16 min
If you have ever been stuck not knowing what to do, this episode reminds you how to gain clarity with your next step.
11: Business Mastermind - How To Create An Aligned Marketing Message With Lisa Meisels
Feb 28 • 58 min
In this Business Mastermind call you will learn how to create a marketing message that not only attracts your ideal dream clients but one that resonates with your heart and who you are.
10: Live Coaching - “I Need Money To Feel Safe”
Feb 25 • 34 min
Do you feel as though you need money to feel safe, secure, and comfortable? If you are noticing this pattern stopping you from building your business with alignment and flow, this live coaching episode is the one for you.
Ep 9- Escaping Your Jar - Stop Resisting, Start Living
Feb 25 • 25 min
Do you ever feel as though something needs to happen in order for you to feel happy? In this episode, we uncover your stories that cause your resistance to ‘what is’, freeing you from the chains of your ego.
Ep 8- Escaping Your Jar - Release Your Attachments, Align With Abundance
Feb 22 • 25 min
Escaping the invisible unconscious jar you find yourself in is all about becoming aware of the walls (stories) you couldn’t see beforehand. In this episode, you will start to become more aware of where you hold attachments in your life and how they limit…
Ep7- Escaping Your Jar- Becoming Aware Of Your Judgments
Feb 20 • 26 min
In this episode, you will awaken to where you are placing judgments on your life’s circumstances, how to separate from them and start to find out who you really are.
Ep6- Live Coaching- How To Overcome Procrastination
Feb 14 • 40 min
In this episode, you will learn how to overcome the pattern of procrastination so that you can apply creativity, presence, and authenticity into your business and life.
Ep5- How To Take Your Next Leap
Feb 14 • 25 min
It’s in this episode, you find out how to start taking your heart’s leaps and what’s on the other side when you do.
Ep4- Heighten Your Consciousness
Feb 13 • 17 min
It’s in this episode where you find the power in realising that you are more than any challenge, problem, and yes, any result in your life. How do you do that? Heighten your level of consciousness…
Ep3- How To Strengthen Self-Connection
Feb 13 • 26 min
This episode explains where your patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration come from, and what you can do right now to transcend those patterns through self-connection.
Ep2- Is Your Business A Push Or A Pull?
Feb 13 • 20 min
Are you believing the story that business needs to be hard? In this episode, we discuss the idea of having a business that is aligned with your flow and heart’s calling.
Ep1- Where Are You In Resistance?
Feb 13 • 13 min
We kick off the first episode with one of the biggest questions that will help you awaken to the issues that may be holding you back in business… Where are you in resistance to ‘what is’?