The Art of Soulful Living

The Art of Soulful Living
Hello and welcome. My name is Maitreya Wolf. Born a natural mystic, the life of the soul has always held my rapt attention. It is the home of all truth and the greatest beauty of the phenomenon of living for me, and it is this realm into which we will journey in these windows of time together. Story, song, and wisdom teaching will be the terrain of our exploration here. The cultivation of consciousness, the deepening of wisdom, and the full embodiment of soul is our focus. Attention and curiosity are our gear. Dive in. Together we will explore the Art of Soulful Living.

Beauty and Joy as Critical Tools for the Times
Jul 27 • 36 min
Are you feeling the depth of the pressure? Are you feeling the magnitude of the invitation of the moment? If you are feeling it and wondering how to walk through this with grace, this episode is for you. These are the hardest times most of us alive today…
The Art of Grieving
Jul 3 • 33 min
Grief. It is a part of life. We know of its presence, but do we know how to be with it? How to dance with it? How to engage with it in a life-affirming and creative way? Living in a society that insists upon the facade of breezy “normalcy” grief is often…
The Art of Listening
Jun 29 • 47 min
We live in a world of communication: as humans one of our primary modes of connection is the medium of conversation, which is a dance of giving and receiving, the receiving being based in the art of listening. Listening is something that we don’t think…
Protecting the Imagination
Jun 22 • 19 min
In magical work, the imagination (i-magi-nation) is our central tool for envisioning the possibilities that our practices are meant to bring to life. Not only that, but it is a realm of deep mystery and power woven into our soul, a way to talk with the…
A Moment of Magnitude
Jun 7 • 35 min
Here we are! We have arrived to the moment of transformation that so many of us have known was coming for so long. The possibility of a more beautiful world for all Life is immanent, and wether that possibility takes root and flourishes rests in large…
Holding the Dream of What’s Possible
May 22 • 43 min
This is a strange world, and this is one of the strangest times that many of us have experienced so far. In this moment it can feel hard, impossible even, to access a sense of possibility in regards to the dream that we hold for a more beautiful world for…
Initiatory Opportunity
Apr 24 • 48 min
At the heart of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown of society is an initiatory possibility. This could be a moment where everything changes for the better if we go all the way down to the bottom of our beings and harvest the wisdom awaiting our attention…
Closer to Earth
Apr 22 • 31 min
Today is “Earth Day”. In this time of the pandemic, when society has finally come to a halt long enough for us to look around and take a breath, let’s reflect on the world that we want to create as we move forward into the new instead of defaulting back…
Accessing the Magical Potential of the Moment (#coronavirus)
Apr 8 • 62 min
Here we are in the midst of the most powerful disruption to our collective reality that most of us have ever seen. While the internet explodes with activity transferred out of the public arena to the digital realms, a great opportunity is waving a quiet…
Introduction to Meditation (adjunct to “Ballast”)
Mar 25 • 15 min
In this episode I present a very bare bones introduction to the practice of meditation. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have for integrating the whole of our being into activated brilliance and peaceful humanity. In this strange…
Ballast - Finding Roots in a Moving Field
Mar 23 • 22 min
Ballast is the term for the weight that sits in the bottom of a water-going vessel to give it what I call “roots in a moving field.” In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, with our daily world in a state of utter disruption and uncertainty, I…
Integrating the Underworld
Mar 11 • 31 min
In this episode we touch briefly on the topic of initiation and then dive fully into an exploration of the concept of “Integrating the Underworld”, a practice of moving towards our darkness with curiosity, compassion, and welcoming so as to harness its…
Feb 26 • 32 min
What is belonging? How is that feeling and that experience reached and grounded when we live in a world where most people are descendants of devastated cultures living in lands that are either occupied or upon which they are newcomers? In this episode…
Feb 19 • 34 min
Forgiveness is an incredibly important thing in our lives, but what is it, really? Where does it come from? How does it work? How does it happen? These questions will spur us on in our exploratory voyage through the territory of forgiveness.
Conflict and Predictable Consequences
Feb 12 • 38 min
In this episode we will explore the topic of conflict and the many opportunities for growth and energetic refinement inherent in any conflict. We will also touch on the subject of “predictable consequences”, a way of framing experiences that I have found…
Feb 3 • 18 min
An exploration of what Soulful Living means and can be.