Sh*t Cosplayers Say

Sh*t Cosplayers Say
Join Elle and Ashlyn of La Vie Cosplay on this cosplay comedy podcast where you’ll learn the true humor of fandom, crafting, competing and the crazy that is cosplay con-going life. You won’t believe what some people say; or what people think they can

7: Con-goers Survival Guide: Con Crud
Mar 29 • 66 min
With a pandemic on the rise, it’s important to know what you can do to prevent con-crud this season. We’ve had our share of illnesses from con, learned from our mistakes, and want to share our practical and professional knowledge with you to keep you safe…
6: Sticky Situations
Mar 22 • 50 min
You won’t believe what people think they can attach to their body with hot glue…..
Ep5: Our First Comic-con!
Mar 15 • 56 min
Join us on our adventures to our first comic-con. Learn about Phil the fridge, our everything cake, a brand new contest at C2E2, and what to do if it smells like burning.
4: Our Name Is LVC and We’re Competitive Cosplayers
Mar 8 • 67 min
Cosplay contest addiction runs full speed with La Vie Cosplay. Come find out why people run themselves into the ground for their 30 seconds onstage.
3: Natural Selection: Fumes and Fun
Mar 1 • 51 min
The balance of death and cosplay can sometimes be hard to manage…. NOTE: this episode may be quieter than usual due to some editing issues. We apologize in advance.
2: You Have Almost Died of Dysentery
Feb 23 • 62 min
The trail to Youmacon was paved with good intentions. Let us tell you the harrowing tale of our journey to international preliminaries. EDIT: Wig-wig Cosplay is the first DUO USA team to win an international cosplay competition.
1:Timeless Humor and A Refrigerator for My Skit
Feb 16 • 53 min
The crazy life of 2 cosplayers celebrating 20 years of cosplay….let’s chat about adventures, panels, and a refrigerator for our skit…..Update: New and improved edit!