Green Screen

Green Screen
The Environmental Movie Podcast

14: King Kong
Aug 6 • 70 min
Rainforest environments, “jungle” pictures, ethnographic racism, and the ecological impact of the Great Depression are in our sights as we deconstruct this 1933 classic.
13: The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear
Jul 23 • 67 min
Climate change denial, the environmental legacy of George H.W. Bush and the Exxon Valdez disaster are issues raised by this unexpectedly depressing 1991 comedy.
12: Kon-Tiki
Jul 9 • 79 min
Migrations across the Pacific, ocean and marine environments, pseudohistory, Easter Island and more are on deck in this examination of the 1951 documentary and 2012 dramatic film.
11: Lawrence of Arabia
Jun 25 • 80 min
Desert environments, water, oases, quicksand, war, sexuality, “white saviors” and Hollywood brownface are up for debate in this classic war epic from 1962.
10: Princess Mononoke
Jun 11 • 76 min
Forestry and firearms in medieval Japan, climate change, resource depletion and anime culture are on tap as we examine this 1997 animated classic. With guest Alex Arreola.
9: Tremors
May 28 • 68 min
The “Nuclear West,” invasive species, water in Nevada and the gestalt of monster movies all pop to the surface in our examination of this classic 1990 creature feature.
8: The French Connection
May 14 • 64 min
The war on drugs, urban decay, white flight and baguette-loving French gangsters are the targets for this review of the classic 1971 Best Picture winner.
7: The Empire Strikes Back
Apr 30 • 81 min
Snow and ice environments, swamps, Art Deco sky condos and monoclimate planets get the Green Screen treatment as we take on the classic Star Wars sequel.
6: Bottle Shock
Apr 16 • 61 min
The environmental history of wine in California gets uncorked as we analyze the 2008 Alan Rickman comedy about a world-shaking wine competition in the 1970s.
5: Mad Max: Fury Road
Apr 2 • 67 min
A two-hour car chase through the deserts of post-apocalyptic Australia (actually Namibia) raises issues about climate change, wildfires, dust storms and nuclear war.
4: How Green Was My Valley
Mar 19 • 76 min
The history of coal mining in Wales, spoil tip disasters and Roddy McDowall’s eternal youth are up for debate in our examination of this 1941 Best Picture Oscar winner.
3: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Mar 5 • 67 min
Gooey plants, killer grass, climate change, phony potatoes, San Francisco in the ‘70s, and Leonard Nimoy’s cosmic creepiness come up in our discussion of this classic 1978 thriller.
2: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Feb 20 • 85 min
Whaling, species conservation, San Francisco real estate and William Shatner’s ludicrous toupee are on tap as we analyze this 1986 comedic science fiction adventure.
1 The China Syndrome
Feb 6 • 82 min
Nuclear power, NIMBYism and pressurized turtle pee are the hot button issues on the table as we discuss this 1979 eco-thriller.