Dental Professional Confessional

Dental Professional Confessional
Join Dr. Timothy Chips and Dr. Mike Maroon as they discuss their best dental blunders and how they escaped them.

6 - Dr. Bob Margeas
Apr 28 • 41 min
Dr. Bob Margeas, a professor at the University of Iowa, Editor-in-Chief of Inside Dentistry, speaker, and educator, shares how he’s able to juggle everything while maintaining his private practice, Iowa Dental Group. He confesses that he was fired not…
5 - Dr. David M. Jenkins
Apr 14 • 44 min
Dr. David M. Jenkins, a dentist who just opened his own practice, Smile Parlor, in Locust Grove, GA, shares how his football player mindset translated into dentistry. He explains why corporate dentistry just wasn’t for him and how he decided to make the…
4 - Trevor Maurer
Mar 23 • 38 min
Trevor Maurer, the President and CEO of Smile Source, shares the story of what he did when he was stranded on an island – and what he learned about money management along the way. He also shares a funny sales story of when he pitched a product and…
3 - Dr. Tim Bizga
Mar 9 • 48 min
Dr. Tim Bizga, DDS, FAGD, confesses the biggest dental “failure” of his career – and the lifelong lesson he learned from his patient afterward. When his patient’s husband told Tim that he’d be next if her procedure was successful, he saw it…
2 - Dr. Mark Murphy
Feb 24 • 30 min
In this episode, Dr. Mark Murphy, DDS, Diplomate ABDSM, confesses that he used to have an egocentric teaching style. Young Dr. Murphy thought he was the greatest, but when a colleague pointed out that his presentation was more about showing off and…
1 - Dr. Screw Up
Feb 7 • 36 min
In this episode, your hosts Dr. Timothy Chips and Dr. Mike Maroon confess that, when they started their dental careers, it was anything but smooth-sailing. Dr. Tim shares why he calls his former self “Dr. Screw-Up” and reveals why – despite…