Create Your Perfect Business

Create Your Perfect Business
Ideas with passion and personality included as standard If you want to start a really small business and would love some real-world tips from coming up with your idea to creating your first product or service then this will be for you. Some interesting startup stories, useful strategies and brilliant bits of advice from me and everyday small business mentors (1:1 interviews coming later) who stopped making excuses, got off their sofa and got going. And the only difference between them and you is what they did next.

Resistance - Episode 8
Mar 22 • 9 min
And they call her Resistance. And she is stopping you from getting going and moving forward with your business idea. I think Freud expressed it perfectly when he talked about the big elephant in the room to what is stopping you. He called it a death wish…
Niche Business Idea Formula - Episode 7
Mar 16 • 6 min
Niche Business Formula It sounds like a bit of a trendy marketing term doesn’t it but actually the theory is sound. And I really want to emphasise how useful this little bit of knowledge could be to you, right at the beginning of your business idea…
Business Idea Validation - Episode 6
Mar 9 • 7 min
Business idea validation is a useful method to help you answer the question Does this business idea have any hope of taking off? A very sensible question to ask at the beginning of your business planning and it will probably save you a lot of time and…
Find your strengths - Episode 5
Mar 1 • 10 min
Find your strengths Welcome to Episode 5 and today I am talking about Finding Your Strengths and the importance of them in your business journey. You might want to have a pen and paper handy for notes for this one You need to find your strengths if you…
Finding life purpose - Episode 4
Feb 21 • 9 min
Finding Life Purpose, starting with a quote from James Redfield. He is the author of super famous The Celestine Prophecy and very widely respected as a writer, actor, and screenwriter and thought leader. He writes a lot about purpose and vision in his…
Words of gratitude - Episode 3
Feb 14 • 9 min
Words of Gratitude Welcome to Episode 3 and today I will be talking about the absolute importance of words of gratitude You hear a lot from others, don’t you about how grateful you should be? What are you grateful for today? by an anonymous writer “Be…
Mindset change - Episode 2
Feb 7 • 8 min
Mindset change is definitely in order if you constantly think you will fail with your business idea or you think you can’t have, be or do something or, you are faced with other people, however well-meaning, who point this sort of thing out to you and you…
Starting a small business ? Why do you want to do it? - Episode 1
Feb 3 • 6 min
Starting a small business or hoping to? Welcome to episode 1, and here is my question to you if you are. Why? Why are you doing it? From what I see, many people seem to want to start out on their venture the wrong way round and especially for the wrong…
Introduction to the podcast
Jan 31 • 8 min
Business Ideas For Beginners I decided to start this podcast as an addition to my website It is a site about helping people come up with their perfect business idea based on who they are and how they want to live their…