Inside with Brett Hawke

Inside with Brett Hawke
Take an intimate look inside the minds of swimming’s highest achievers.

#026 Tom Shields
Mar 30 • 45 min
Tom Shields believes the postponement of the Olympics is a good thing for him — an extra year of improvement both physically and mentally. Tom and I talk about some very real, very personal events in his life. I’m thankful for his openness and willingness…
#025 Jessica Long
Mar 27 • 47 min
Jessica Long and Michael Phelps have a lot in common. They both hail from Baltimore, Maryland and both have an extensive collection of swimming medals at the highest level. A 23x Paralympic medalist, Jessica Long was adopted from Russia at just 1 year…
#024 Mike Murray
Mar 25 • 55 min
Mike Murray has coached an array of talented swimmers. Today he shares why club coaching presents an ideal opportunity for developing exceptional swimmers. Over his career as a coach, Mike Murray has gone through a series of evolutions— each leaving him…
#023 Ryan Murphy
Mar 24 • 50 min
The Olympics are postponed?? Brett called Ryan Murphy, reigning Olympic Champion and World Record Holder, to get the scoop. Connect: Find | Brett Hawke On Instagram @hawkebr on Twitter @insidewithbh On Facebook @insidewithbh Find | Ryan Murphy At…
#022 Farida Osman
Mar 23 • 37 min
Egyptian Olympian. NCAA Champion. Farida will smoke you in a 50 Fly. She’s in America. Her parents are in Egypt. What the heck is she doing now that the corona virus has turned upside the planet? Is she still swimming? Connect: Find | Brett Hawke On…
#021 Meghan Small
Mar 20 • 35 min
A Senior at the University of Tennessee, Meghan Small won’t be competing at NCAA’s this final go-round. The corona virus has stopped swimming, and the world, in its tracks. The Olympics being postponed or cancelled is the elephant in the room. What the…
#020 Albert Subirats
Mar 18 • 49 min
When Albert Subirats retired from swimming after his last race, he was ready to take on new challenges in corporate America. It wasn’t long before the sport came calling him back. Today, after joining Virginia Tech as an assistant coach, Albert is working…
#019 David Arluck
Mar 16 • 46 min
The son of a national level swimmer, David Arluck grew up hearing stories about his father’s success in the water. The lack of opportunities that would ultimately end his father’s swimming career at the age of 20, would come to be a driving force behind…
#018 Shane Ryan
Mar 14 • 38 min
Irish Olympic Trials have just been cancelled. What is next? Special episode featuring Irish Olympian and Backstroke Aficionado, SHANE RYAN! @shaneryan001 on Twitter —- Send in a voice message:
#017 Amy Bilquist
Mar 13 • 36 min
Amy Bilquist speaks with Brett about the corona virus and how it is impacting her training as well as her friends back at the University of California. —- Send in a voice message:
#016 Marius Kusch
Mar 11 • 40 min
Marius Kusch has been flying under the radar, silently improving his game. Today, he sits down and talks about the strategies and ways of thinking that have had a positive impact on his life and performance. Listen in as he shares his thoughts on the New…
#015 Dave Denniston
Mar 9 • 41 min
When a sledding accident left Dave Denniston paralyzed from the waist down, the world would have understood if he’d let anger and frustration consume him. Instead, he chose to rise above it. As top U.S swimmer, NCAA National Champion and world record…
#014 Chloe Sutton Mackey
Mar 6 • 30 min
When Chloe Sutton Mackey’s career took off at the age of 14, she made a lot of tough decisions that set her on a path to realizing her Olympic dreams. Today, as a 2-time Olympian, Chloe sits down to talk about her experiences competing in both pool and…
#013 Haley Anderson
Mar 4 • 43 min
Haley Anderson will be making her third Olympic appearance at Tokyo 2020 after qualifying for the first time, at the age of 20. Competing in open water, Haley offers a unique approach to competition that seems to have given her the edge and mental stamina…
#012 Frank Busch
Mar 2 • 62 min
For nearly a decade, Frank Busch has been USA swimming’s National Team Director. He was the head of the organization towards the end of Michel Phelps’ Olympic career and led the charge that brought home 64 medals for the United States. Today, he’s giving…
#011 James Gibson
Feb 28 • 41 min
Coach and former Olympian James Gibson packed up and flew to Turkey to serve as the head coach of a Russian club in 2016; betting it all on a vision of a world class competitive team and the future of the ISL. Needless to say— it paid off. Today, that…
#010 Caroline Burckle
Feb 26 • 42 min
When Olympic medalist Caroline Burckle was awarded the NCAA Female Swimmer of the Year award in 2008, she was in the peak of her career as an athlete. Today, she shares how life after swimming gave her another chance to excel and discover herself. In this…
#009 Brent Hayden
Feb 24 • 42 min
When Brent Hayden left the water for retirement 7 years ago, he was a talented swimmer who had found his career plagued by a series of physical and mental setbacks. Today— in what is possibly the best shape of his life— he’s preparing to qualify for the…
#008 Béryl Gastaldello
Feb 21 • 40 min
Beryl Gastaldello’s career is taking off. At the age of 25, after taking time off to focus on her physical and mental health and on the tail end of graduating from Texas A&M, she’s become a force to be reckoned with. In this episode of Inside with Brett…
#007 Rick DeMont
Feb 19 • 57 min
If you know swimming, you know Rick DeMont. For about the last quarter of a century he coached at the University of Arizona. He was an elite swimmer himself in the 1970’s breaking countless world records at the start of his career and qualifying for the…
#006 Lenny Krayzelburg
Feb 17 • 54 min
Lenny Krayzelburg has led a life filled with gratitude and grit. Becoming known as one of the best backstroke swimmers in the world did not come easily— despite his undeniable talent. In this episode, Lenny and I get caught up on the work he’s doing with…
#005 Matt Kredich
Feb 14 • 33 min
Matt Kredich has helped to create a culture of accountability within the University of Tennessee’s swim program and as their school heads into the Southeastern Conference Championships — their women’s team has come out as a favorite to bring home the…
#004 Dylan Carter
Feb 12 • 26 min
Dylan Carter is preparing to become an Olympian for the second time. In the midst of preparing to compete — he set aside a few moments to sit down and talk training, life and fitness outside the pool and some of what has led him to becoming one of…
#003 Annie Lazor
Feb 10 • 36 min
How did Annie Lazor go from being a good swimmer in unofficial retirement to becoming an Olympic gold hopeful in the span of 15 months? In today’s episode, she shares what brought her back to the water and how she worked to get herself back in the…
#002 Sergio Lopez
Feb 7 • 44 min
Sergio Lopez has played a pivotal role in the training success of countless professional swimmers— many of which have gone on to compete in the Olympics including Joseph Schooling and Santo Condorelli. Today, in conversation, he shares the motivations…
#001 Jack Roach
Feb 5 • 33 min
Do Olympic swimmers feel fear and doubt like the rest of us? Jack Roach has spent over 35 years coaching swimmers of all levels including a robust lineup of world class athletes and Olympians. In today’s episode, he talks to me about life lessons, his…