Documenting Climate Change

Documenting Climate Change
Working to empower individuals and communities to tell human-centric stories local to them on the challenges and issues caused by anthropogenic climate change, and the activities contributing to it.

#05.2 - Sean Gallagher - Photographer and Film-maker
May 11 • 27 min
This is the second part of my interview with Sean Gallagher, a British photographer and filmmaker, who has lived in China the past 15 years, and during that time has explored a broad diversity of stories on the frontline of the climate crisis in China and…
#05.1 - Sean Gallagher - Photographer and Film-maker
May 1 • 35 min
This week’s guest is one of the few people who from the outset of his exploration of climate change took a human-centric approach - whether documenting the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities, or desertification and drought. He’s Sean…
#04 - Ashley Cooper - Environmental Photographer
Apr 23 • 51 min
This week’s guest has spent the last sixteen years travelling to every continent on the planet to document the impacts of climate change and the rise of renewable energy. He’s Ashley Cooper, an environmental photographer who has witnessed an incredible…
#03 - Afsaneh Rafii - Founder of Icarus Complex magazine
Apr 15 • 24 min
I speak to Afsaneh Angelina Rafii – founder and Editor-in-Chief of the independent magazine Icarus Complex. A bi-annual publication that Afsaneh launched last year, that offers and in-depth look at the issues surrounding climate change. In the first issue…
#02 – Damon Gameau – Director of documentary 2040
Mar 11 • 36 min
In this episode, I speak to Damon Gameau – award-winning documentary film-maker, and the person behind a recently released feature-length documentary on climate change called 2040. ​​Motivated by his 4-year-old daughter and concern for the planet she will…
#01 - Toby Smith from Climate Visuals
Feb 5 • 51 min
To kick things off I’m really happy to share with you a conversation I had with Toby Smith – an award-winning environmental photographer, and Programme Lead for Climate Visuals. We talk about how visual storytellers can better document and represent the…