Come, Follow Me: BYU Speeches Podcast

Come, Follow Me: BYU Speeches Podcast
Want to take your study of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Come, Follow Me program one step further? Here, you’ll find just what you need to help your personal, family, and church study. This podcast is specially curated by our team at BYU Speeches, and each week will bring you a different speech to improve your Come, Follow Me experience.

June 1-7: The Path to Transformative Change | Pam Musil, Aug 2019
Jun 2 • 27 min
Pam Musil gives five suggestions to help make permanent change a part of your life. Her knowledge of dance greatly influences her advice.
May 25-31: Religious Freedom—A Cherished Heritage to Defend | D. Todd Christofferson, Jun 2016
May 26 • 27 min
Religious freedom is crucial for our nation. By being informed, speaking up, and getting involved, we can preserve religious freedom for everyone of faith.
May 18-24: Receiving the Eternal | David C Dollahite, Sep 2016
May 18 • 29 min
By sharing his spiritual journey and his experience with the Book of Mormon, David Dollahite teaches us all something about searching for the eternal.
May 11 - 17: The Weight of the World | James D. Stice, Oct 2001
May 11 • 28 min
Everyone faces challenges, and James D. Stice shows how we can help those who, for a time, are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.
May 4 - 10: Experiment and Experience | Jennifer B. Nielson, Mar 2015
May 5 • 25 min
Life experience enables us to grow, gain truth, and become more Christlike.
April 27 - May 3: “In the Strength of the Lord” | David A. Bednar, Oct 2001
Apr 28 • 32 min
Christ’s Atonement does more than cleanse us from sin. His grace is also an enabling power to become better and serve more faithfully.
April 20 - 26: Repentance: A Mighty Change of Heart | Brent W. Webb, May 1999
Apr 20 • 34 min
Repentance is the cure for a heart made sick through sin. It can be a difficult and even lengthy process, but is always worth the sweet spiritual reward.
April 13 - 19: Keeping Your Fingers on the PULSE of Service | Sondra Heaston, Jun 2015
Apr 13 • 25 min
Sondra Heaston shares ive ways to keep your spiritual heart healthy by being service-oriented.
March 30 - April 12: “Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also” | Ezra Taft Benson, Mar 1978
Apr 9 • 33 min
Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we know that there is life after death. Our loved ones who pass on are never far from us. Families are eternal.
March 23 - 29: Earnest Prayer | Marilyn W. Berrett, Jun 2010
Mar 23 • 29 min
Marilyn W. Berrett teaches that through earnest prayer we can access the powers of heaven and commune with our Heavenly Father.
March 16 - 22: The M&M’s of Missionary-Minded Members | Gary E. Arnoldson, May 2013
Mar 16 • 23 min
A few M&Ms of missionary-minded members are miraculous conversion, marvelous work and a wonder, magnify the work, and money management.
March 9 - 15: The Miracle of Forgiveness | Michael L. Dunn, Jan 2012
Mar 9 • 33 min
Michael L. Dunn speaks on the miracle of forgiveness that is reached through the atonement of Jesus Christ.
March 2 - 8: The Covenant Path | Rosemary M. Wixom, Mar 2013
Mar 2 • 21 min
As we live our baptismal covenant and seek to do His will, we will watch the plan He has masterfully created for each one of us take shape.
February 24 - March 1: “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” | Dallin H. Oaks, Jun 1993
Feb 24 • 41 min
The Book of Mormon must not be neglected, foremost because of its testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, which ought to be the center or our faith.
February 17-23: “True Doctrine, Understood, Changes Attitudes and Behavior” | Todd B. Parker, Jan 2015
Feb 17 • 28 min
Studying the scriptures daily, listening to the words of Christ, and driving darkness from our lives are ways to understand true doctrine.
February 10-16: Believing Christ: A Practical Approach to the Atonement | Stephen E. Robinson, May 1990
Feb 10 • 36 min
Believing in Christ and believing Christ are two entirely different things. Taking a practical approach to the Atonement can help us grow our faith.
January 20-26: The Importance of Asking Questions | Cecil O. Samuelson, Nov 2001
Feb 3 • 31 min
In our quest for knowledge, we must learn to ask questions - but we must learn to ask the right questions, and we must learn how to find answers.
January 13-19: Lehi’s Dream and You | Boyd K. Packer, Jan 2007
Feb 3 • 25 min
Just like in Lehi’s dream, there will always be those who mock you for choosing different standards and goals. Don’t let them ruin your commitment.
December 30-January 5: Place the Book of Mormon in Your Heart—Not on Your Bookshelf | David E. Sorenson, Mar 2002
Feb 3 • 26 min
Simply reading the Book of Mormon is not enough, says David Sorensen. The Book of Mormon needs to find its place in your heart—not just on your bookshelf.
January 27-February 2: When Your Bow Breaks | Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Jul 2015
Feb 3 • 28 min
Our bows will break and we’ll have trials. We can learn how to deal with these hard times by looking at Nephi’s example.
February 3-9: Enduring Joy | Kevin J Worthen, Jan 2020
Feb 3 • 23 min
Enduring joy is a central principle of the gospel. We are meant to experience it here on earth, even with the trials we face from day to day.
January 6 - 12: The Fruits of Obedience | Richard G. Scott, Jun 1990
Jan 6 • 52 min
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