Grim's Tales

Grim's Tales
The podcast of James ‘Grim’ Desborough, RPG designer, author, videographer and long-suffering old school leftie. Eminent atheist, libertine, analyst. Prize-winning onanist, bitter ludologist. Talented pleonast. Good plenist too!

Grim’s Tales 005: Ruminations on the Shifting Sands of the Atheist/Skeptic Community
Aug 6 • 31 min
Various things have prickled at me in relation to this lately. So many people being so disappointing, reconversions, grifting. Better out than in.
Grim’s Tales: 004 Woko’s Basiwisk
Jun 23 • 13 min
We’ve all heard of Roko’s Basilisk by now, I would hope. Which, hypothetically means we’re all doomed. Woko’s Basiwisk is, perhaps, worse because we have evidence for that one from history.
Grim’s Tales 003 - The ‘Not-Funny’ Covid-19 Comedy Set
Apr 2 • 17 min
Some observational stylings on the Coronavirus.
Grim’s Tales 002 - Omega Men - The Isolation of Male Victimhood
Feb 19 • 30 min
I wanted to add to, rather than distract from, the debates around intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual abuse. So here’s a handful of anecdotes (by no means all) from my own experience and perspective. Anecdotes aren’t data, but perhaps this will…
Grim’s Tales 001 - A Dirtbag Left Case for and Against ‘Social Justice’
Feb 5 • 32 min
Identity politics and intersectionality breeds division, the ‘left’ has lost sight of the things that made it such a powerful argument. Equality, fairness and opportunity. Streaming Channel Main Channel Shiny Web Store Paypal Subscribestar Patreon “See… I…