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Two Police Officers One White, One Black Talk Race and Policing in America
Jul 2 • 29 min
Hear two police officers in Florida talk about race, the riots and what it’s like to be a police officer in the current climate. Michael Bucciarelli and Anthony Collins are officers with the sheriff’s department in Hillsborough County, Florida. Both talk…
Raising Black Daughters in America
Jun 25 • 47 min
Our Black and Brown in America series continues with two mothers of daughters. Listen as Ginain Grayes and LaToya Hayes discuss their fears as they raise daughters in America. How do they deal with their girls’ questions on race, the murder of black men…
Raising Black Sons in America
Jun 18 • 58 min
Listen as two members of my tribe talk about their concerns raising Black sons in America. Maureen Greene-James and Toni Boyd both have sons in college, they are both 20 years old and away from home. I also have a 20-year-old son who attended technical…
Why is it White People Don’t Want to Talk About Race?
Jun 11 • 40 min
Listen to Dr. Robin DiAngelo talk about her book White Fragility - Why So Many White People Struggle to Talk About Race. She dives into why many white people struggle to deal with racism or admit that they struggle with it. Her book has been a best seller…
Catching Up With Sybil Wilkes - from the Tom Joyner Morning Show
Jun 4 • 47 min
Listen to a great conversation with Sybil Wilkes. After 26 years on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the flyjock retired and now Sybil is moving into a new season of life with her daily newsletter What You Need to Know. It’s five major news stories that…
Stepping Into the Light - My Battle With Depression
May 28 • 36 min
Listen as my classmate Sammecia Bagley talks openly for the first time about her battle with depression. While Sammecia has talked with close friends and family, she has never spoken publicly about her struggle. Hear her brave conversation about what…
Motherhood, Mindset and Mental Illness
May 21 • 38 min
More Than a Mom founder Andresea Jackson talks about her life as a mom of four, including two children with special needs. Listen to her talk about juggling motherhood with for kids in school quarantined at home while trying to work full time job and…
Small Business Owner Update - Reopening Her Business in the New Normal
May 14 • 30 min
Catch up with our small business owner, Ivanaa as she lets us in on how things have been going on the eve of being able to reopen her business. She was forced to close in late March because of COVID-19. Ivanaa began seeing clients in the new normal the…
Quarantine and Self Discovery - What I’ve Learned
May 7 • 45 min
Listen to three members of my tribe talk about life in quarantine. What will they do differently in the “new normal” How have they been able to advance their side hustles What is the one word they would use to describe their quarantine experience Find out…
My Mental Health Journey - NAMI’s Natasha A. Pierre In Her Own Words
Apr 30 • 38 min
Hear NAMI Hillsbrough’s Vice President Nataha A. Pierre tell her story of discovery after she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She will talk about the stigma she has faced, what happened when she was first diagnosed and the day she decided she was…
Have You Ever Missed Your Moment?
Apr 23 • 22 min
Listen as two In My Shoes regulars talk about how they sometimes feel they may have missed a great opportunity worrying about the “what ifs.” They will talk about their experiences in business and their personal lives and how they deal with the self doubt…
Lifetime’s I Am Somebody’s Child - The Regina Louise Story
Apr 16 • 37 min
Interested in reading her books? Somebody’s Someone: A Memoir - Someone Has Led this Child to Believe: A Memoir: I Am Somebody’s Child - The Regina Louise Story (the Lifetime movie) -…
Mental Illness and a Pandemic
Apr 9 • 13 min
This is my story, worrying about my young adult daugther who is battling a mental illness out there in the world during COVID-19. She refuses the help we are offering her and with her host of diagnoses there is no telling what she has been exposed to.…
A Small Business and COVID-19
Apr 2 • 21 min
Meet Ivanaa. She has a small business in the beauty industry forced to close once our home town inssued a Safer-at-Home order. Hear how she plans to survive and what closing the business has meant for her. PLEASE NOTE: This episode was recorded the week…
Talking Colorism Part 4
Mar 26 • 30 min
In this final episode on Colorism, two of our podcast regulars, Amber Congae and Ginain Grayes, talk hair and how their relationship with their hair and the messages they received growing up has shaped their feelngs about wearing their natural hair, how…
Talking Colorism Part 3
Mar 19 • 20 min
How does colorism impact women in the Hispanic community? Two Latina women will discuss their experience with colorism, how it impacted their families, their self esteem and the way they raised their children.
Season 1 Episode 6 - Colorism Part 2
Mar 12 • 32 min
In Part 2 of our colorism series, two of our lighter-skinned sisters talk about their experiences with questions about their blackness and if they have mixed our white parents. And one guest will tell you how she handles for beautiful girls in every shade.
Season 1 - Episode 5 -Talking Colorism - Loving My Dark Skin
Mar 4 • 39 min
Listen as two beautiful darker-skinned sisters tell their story dealing with colorism in their community and at home. Maureen and Ginain will give you a great perspective about how they have dealt with comments like “You’re pretty for a Black girl,” and…
Season 1 Episode 4 - Tales from a Brown Girl
Feb 27 • 15 min
In this last solo episode before in-stuio guests, learn more about how the issues women of color face can be swept under the rug. What is it really like in this skin?
Season 1 Episode 3 Confessions of an Adoptive Mom
Feb 20 • 15 min
Adopting my babies has been one of the greatest honors of my life. But it never dawned on me that society might question my choice, or ask me questions and make comments that I can’t believe anyone would be bold enough to actually say. In this next to the…
Season 1 Episode 2 - Struggling to Use the Words Mentally Ill as Part of My Daughter’s Diagnosis
Feb 13 • 15 min
In this solo episode, I give you a little more information on why I started this podcast and blog:, why I had to grieve the loss of the relationship I thought I would have with my daughter and learn how to embrace our connection in…
In My Shoes Podcast - Intro Episode
Feb 4 • 5 min
So excited to introduce In My Shoes, a podcast that chronicles the life experiences of women of color. This episode tells you what you can expect and what we hope you will learn from listening.