A Mind, Body & Spirit Approach to the Runes of the Elder Futhark with an Emphasis on Inner Work, Inner Alchemy & Self-Mastery. Hosted by Jennifer ‘Zenseer’ Weinstein: French Volva as well as Northern Yoga/Qigong & Runic Meditation Instructor (see TaoRuna Meetup Group). To sign up for the Free Monthly Newsletter go to

Episode 4 - Sowelu New Moon Guided Runic Meditation
Feb 23 • 6 min
For this New Moon in Sowelu, I guide you through a Movement Meditation with a strong emphasis on Creative Visualisation. Sowelu is a very solar Rune and working with it can help recharge us energetically during this transition from Winter to Spring. I…
Episode 3 - Algiz Full Moon Guided Runic Meditation
Feb 9 • 4 min
Following the Runic Calendar, this Guided Meditation is Active & Experiential (unlike Traditional Meditation). Algiz is the Rune of Guidance & Protection, which are the aspects focused on here. Since this Meditation is pre-recorded, and therefore not…
Episode 2 - Teiwaz, Focus & Path Finding
Feb 7 • 2 min
This week’s episode is about the Rune Teiwaz in the light of the Runic Month of Algiz. I touch upon its uses for spiritual purpose, self-improvement & pathwork. —- Send in a voice message:
Episode 1 - Jera & the Turning Wheel
Jan 31 • 2 min
In this 1st episode, we will be talking about the Rune Jera and how its energy aligns both with the Runic & the Celtic Calendar. —- Send in a voice message: