This Babe Is Not Retrograde

This Babe Is Not Retrograde
This Babe Is Not Retrograde brings mindset and astrology down to Earth. Through casual conversations we’ll explore big topics like self-discovery, resistance, purpose and everything in between. Brought to you by mindset coach Aman Kaur and astrologer Olga Verk to inspire and help you be you.

Dissecting Identity & How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Shadow
Aug 7 • 37 min
Peeling the layers of your identity can help you live the life you’re meant to live but getting to the core is a life-long process. On this episode we chat about the elements of identity, the importance of shadow work, how to see your shadow qualities…
Going Inward - on Therapy, Meditation & Self-Acceptance
Jul 30 • 33 min
Welcome to Season 2! Join us for a quick catch up on quarantine life lessons, unexpected transformations, therapy firsts, energy benefits of investing in yourself and other things that prompt us to this season’s theme - Going Inward. Where to find Aman:…
Building Adequate Self-Esteem
May 30 • 35 min
Adequate self-esteem starts with getting to know yourself. We’re exploring the role of Jupiter in your chart, approaches you can take to ensure your self-worth doesn’t depend on outer events and circumstances, as well as tips to boost your confidence in…
Adapting Better to Life Changes
May 22 • 34 min
Let’s re-define the idea of change. Many times, when it comes into our lives against our will, it may feel scary. However, it’s just a stepping stone to becoming our better selves. We grow through frustrations! On this episode we’re discussing some of our…
What Does ‘Retrograde’ Mean? May 2020 Retrogrades - Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto
May 5 • 29 min
May 2020 is full of retrogrades! Find out what they all mean, what you should & shouldn’t do and how to keep your mind from going overwhelmed through it all. Where to find Aman: website+blog: Instagram: @amankaurco / @themorningbabe Twitter:…
Meditation Do’s & How-To’s
Apr 26 • 32 min
Meditation is so much more than sitting criss-cross and having a blissful mind full of no thoughts. In fact, it has a place for the opposite! Tune in to hear about our own experiences with meditation, the lessons we’ve learned and the tips we have for…
Finding Resilience in Trauma with Jachael Gardner
Apr 19 • 44 min
A bonus interview with Jachael Gardner on staying resilient through trauma. Jachael has gone from a sheltered, abusive childhood and homelessness to building a new reality, while always staying unapologetically herself. Without realizing it, she’s been…
Dissecting Purpose and Where to Find It in Your Natal Chart
Apr 12 • 45 min
On this episode we’re dissecting the topic of purpose. How to find it, how do you know it’s yours once you think you found it and how can astrology assist you in this quest. Before you tune in, we recommend building your own natal chart on Cafe Astrology…
How to Listen to Your Intuition
Apr 5 • 46 min
Let’s talk intuition! What it is, what it’s good for, and how do you actually differentiate between what an intuition is and everything else that goes on inside your brain? Where to find Aman: website+blog: Instagram: @amankaurco /…
Relationships During Quarantine and Beyond
Apr 1 • 32 min
Hey friends! On this episode we’re exchanging observations on how the current world events are affecting personal relationships. As a fun distraction, we also threw some astrology knowledge at you when it comes to compatibility.
How to Start a Life-Changing Morning Routine
Mar 22 • 31 min
Spoiler alert - you don’t have to wake up at 5 a.m! On this episode, we wanted to chat about morning routines and what steps you can take to transform your mindset and feel better every day. Aman, aka the Morning Babe, shared a few simple things from her…
Dealing with Disasters
Mar 15 • 22 min
Hi, friends. These days, it feels like there’s no way to get away from terrible news and the world is coming to an end. In this episode, we wanted to share how we’re getting through the difficult times during the Coronavirus pandemic, what astrology has…
Astrology 101
Feb 29 • 47 min
Hello, friends! This episode covers all the basics of the natal chart and The Big Three but, like, in normal language. Listen to this episode if you feel like you can’t relate to your Zodiac sign description you found on the Internet. Where to find Aman:…
How to Fight Resistance to Good Things
Feb 8 • 50 min
Hello, friends! News alert - resistance is “why we can’t have nice things.” We don’t like that, so we’ve figured breaking it down should help not to feel like you’ll be retrograde forever. Where to find Aman: website+blog: Instagram:…
Building a Positive Money Mindset
Feb 2 • 42 min
Hello, friends! In this episode we cover dolla billz, and why you, like both of us, might be suddenly into financial planning (spoiler alert - Jupiter in Capricorn, plus #adulting). We also talk about healthy money habits, how to handle your mindset and…
Intro to This Babe Is Not Retrograde
Feb 2 • 15 min
Hello, friends! Welcome to the very first episode of This Babe Is Not Retrograde. We’ll explain what’s behind this sassy name, who we are and what we intend to chat about in the future. Where to find Aman: website+blog: Instagram: @amankaurco…