The Wanderdog Radio

The Wanderdog Radio
Hear the stories and learn from people who were inspired by their adventure dogs to create a business, solution, or organization.Or learn about safe outdoor dog adventures with host, Dr. Libbie Fort, a small animal veterinarian and k9 first aid instruc…

007: Labs For Liberty with Joan and Roger Nold
Mar 25 • 52 min
Today we talk service dogs with Joan and Roger Nold, of Labs for Liberty.Joan and Roger are known for taking good care of our veterans, and custom training service dogs to meet our disabled vet’s unique and individual needs. Custom training is just one…
006: Do THIS while making decisions for your dog
Mar 5 • 23 min
Making decisions is hard. ESPECIALLY when it involves your dog’s health, wellness, and wellbeing.When faced with a myriad of choices what is a dog owner to do?Especially when we are tied up with emotions, uncertainty, and even guilt.This is the process…
005: Dog friendly Nashville, Tennessee with Cathy Brockway of GoDogNashville
Feb 16 • 33 min
Traveling with your dog doesn’t have to be about sacrifices and “sitting this one out.”With a little planning ahead and research you can find dog friendly gems in nearly any city.That being said… some cities offer more dog friendly options than…
004: The ONE thing that can answer your many doggo questions, the K9 physical exam
Feb 16 • 30 min
I think nearly every dog owner out there has caught themselves saying or thinking…. “If only my dog could talk!” Especially when our dogs aren’t acting right… or they seem a little off.And then, when you finally accept for the 100th time that your…
002: Eight must have items in your K9 minimalist med kit
Feb 3 • 25 min
Today we break down the eight must have items for any canine medical kit when space and weight are of concern.
003: Paul Hoskinson, creator of Fido Pro Airlift
Feb 3 • 50 min
Today we chat with Paul Hoskinson, the creator of the Fido Pro Airlift. An emergency rescue harness that is strong enough to carry your dog to safety… yet packable and light enough that you won’t leave it behind.
001: Conservation Detection Dogs with Rogue Detection Teams
Feb 3 • 48 min
Tune in to learn more about what Rogue Detection Teams is doing for shelter dogs, and the research and data collection they are performing for sensitive and endangered species of wildlife… as they are “Conservation Unleashed.”