Life On Planet Earth

Life On Planet Earth
It’s hard to enjoy your life nowadays. Life is good, but living is hard sometimes. We explore how you can live a decent life in this world as it is today as a beacon of hope and joy for all the world to see. Support this podcast:

Being Yourself Is Enough Sometimes
Apr 6 • 32 min
We are here to be. We are here to do what comes naturally as a result of what we are. We are not here to die for other people. We are not here to serve. We are not here to maintain anything. We are here to be our Divine Selves and out of that all other…
Entering the Sounds of Silence
Apr 1 • 23 min
To make the choices we have to make today, when things are so dire we need to be able to hear our own inner voice. Do this we have to silence all of those external that are constantly trying to shape the way we think and to shape our ideas about Who We…
Making Life More Beautiful
Mar 27 • 24 min
We have the power not to only create life, but to experience life as it really is instead of the way people told us that it is. Within us is stored the worship of all ages. We can tap into it anytime that we would like. —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
A Time To Reset and Recharge
Mar 20 • 26 min
Let’s face it, the world we know of has ended as of a few weeks ago, and a new world had begun. Instead of mourning the loss of the world that we knew before, it is time for us to take advantage of the things happening and re create a world for ourselves…
Silencing The Voices
Mar 17 • 36 min
From every side we hear that we are not good enough. We don’t have enough, we don’t perform well enough, we just don’t cut it unless we can buy a lot of things. There is a way to end the power of these voices, and that way is through self-love right now.…
Fulfilling your destiny to lead beautiful life
Mar 5 • 23 min
We come to this world to live this life fully. Sometimes we are drawn away and caught up in other activities even if we think that they are good causes, but we are mainly here for two things: one is to learn and the other is to love. When we do those two…
We Are The Ocean
Feb 27 • 29 min
We act and we react when we think that we are the waves, but in actuality we are consciousness. We are the creators of the waves and the ones who received the wave back. When we realized this we return to Source, and we, become, free. —- This episode is…
Roots, Branches and Leaves
Feb 22 • 37 min
We have to experience real love to live on Earth and be happy. That starts with self, unconditional love. This is how you can cleanse yourself of the diseases that block out unconditional love so you can have joy living in the midst of the fire. —- This…
Its Time To Live
Feb 13 • 24 min
When we refuse to listen to who people say we are, And embrace who we really are magical things happen. Life on Earth can equal living on Earth. We will be free then, and only then. —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a…
The Creator Called You.
Feb 8 • 26 min
It’s easy to accept A contorted view of reality that says you don’t have worth unless you perform and produce things. But if you want to live that idea must be cast aside. It is time to recognize your beauty, your wisdom and the grace that you already…
Community Equals Happiness
Feb 5 • 38 min
Are you sad all the time? Are you angry or depressed? Some of these feelings may come from yourself, but most of the time they come from outside. Something outside of you touches, what is inside and connects with it, and brings forth suffering. In order…
Life On Planet Earth (Trailer)
Jan 30 • 0 min
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Life On Planet Earth
Jan 30 • 20 min
A review on the important things that we find today in our lives. We have so much information flowing everywhere and so many choices, but what is really important for our lives? Join us as we look at life and we consider the things that can make our lives…