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The Pragmatic Soundcast
Inspired topics & conversations supporting the efforts of DIY creatives - expanding our community by blurring the lines between competition & collaboration. @pragmaticsoundco

Conversations With Creatives - Austen Roye - Episode 7
Mar 16 • 56 min
Writing is a process that is sacred to those who love it. The act of putting yourself on paper through story and sharing perspective from your own lens provides such a freedom and outlet. But how do you get there? On this episode we sit down with…
Finding Resilience & Grit - Episode 6
Mar 9 • 30 min
It takes effort to get good at your craft, then it takes effort to apply those skills to create. When determination isn’t enough, you have to dig down & find your grit to keep it going. Find your calling, practice, & be optimistic! —- This episode is…
Relationships, The Truth About Courting a Creative - Episode 5
Mar 2 • 42 min
Hating the game vs the player isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if the “player” is a scatter-brained chatterbox of never-ending ideas and also…your significant other. Today we have a very special guest with us who shows us what’s behind the curtain…
Personal Competition, Nobody Is Better Than You - Episode 4
Feb 23 • 23 min
Whose race are you running? Chances are your biggest competition is yourself. On this episode we talk about Mike Sager and his article “Nobody Is Better Than You” and his journey to form his own line in the creative world. 99U @PragmaticSoundCo Intro…
Building Collaborative Influence - Episode 3
Feb 12 • 31 min
What does collaborative influence mean to you? Have you thought about your circle of influence and what that even looks like as a creative? On this episode we’ll dive in on the potential and power of having collaborative influence and discuss why it’s so…
Finding Creative Purpose Through “Why” - Episode 2
Feb 6 • 37 min
What is your why? There are so many answers to that question, but do you know the answer? In this episode we’ll explore this idea of finding creative purpose and have special guest Singer/Songwriter Thomas Lightfoot with us! Spoiler alert, my son may or…
Inherent Fears of The Creative - Episode 1
Jan 28 • 38 min
Episode 1 - excited to bring you the first of hopefully many episodes! This week I tackle the tough truth of why creatives are inherently fearful, the myth of a work/life balance, & making the most of your creative time. Article: 11 Brutal Truths About…