the +R Purist

the +R Purist
Hello! Welcome to the +R Purist Podcast! Here I will discuss all things involving a type of animal training known as “Positive Reinforcement” aka “+R” aka “Pleasant Stimulus” training - particularly in how it relates to the equestrian world and horse training.

Getting New Horse // Meet Jazz
Feb 22 • 52 min
Allow me to introduce Jazz, my newest rescue/rehab project. This week I do an in-depth, step-by-step talk about getting a new horse! Rescuing vs buying, private rehoming vs going through a professional, choosing the right horse, getting your horse home…
It’s About Time For Reform // Changing the Industry
Feb 14 • 37 min
This week I discuss patterns of change in the animal behavior industry and what they can predict for change in the equestrian industry. I talk about how other animals are trained with pressure/release and how that training differs from horses, as well as…
Caring for Horses // the Needs of the Horse
Feb 6 • 35 min
Horse training is a tiny fraction of the horse’s life. How many hours does a horse spend in training vs living their life from the time they are born? What happens while the horse is not in training will shape the mind and body that we work with when…
Welcome // The Myth of the +R Purist
Jan 29 • 31 min
Welcome to Episode 1 of the +R Purist Podcast! Enjoy an introduction to +R training concepts, what it means to be a +R Purist, and why it’s a myth! Other topics include an intro to your host, defining traditional training, and a little about this podcast.…