The Nomadic Mindset Podcast

The Nomadic Mindset Podcast
In TNMP, we will discover together the Why, What, Where, and How of global thinkers, most of who have a dominant Nomadic Mindset.

#012: Alison Godenir - Gen Blending Transforms Organisations
Apr 26 • 45 min
Tagline: The navigators of the future is the millennials and Z’s.
#011: Junxian Lee - Start-ups: Be the Owners of your own Destiny
Apr 19 • 35 min
Tagline: ‘Embrace Change’
#010: Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson - The Human Powered Explorer Tells!
Apr 12 • 33 min
Tagline: ‘Go Where No One Else Has Been Before.’
#009: Leighton Prabhu - Wanna Be a Digital Nomad?
Apr 5 • 31 min
1, The life of a digital nomad2, What are the challenges/limitations of being a digital nomad?3, How do you get clients on the road? Referrals, Outreach, Slideshare4, Keep your connections and keep growing them5, Education doesn’t prepare you for this –…
#008: Fredrik Haren - The Creativity Explorer Extraordinaire
Mar 29 • 45 min
Tagline: The more I know the more I know what I don’t know
#BONUS: Bavani Periasamy - Gratitude is a Gift of Life
Mar 29 • 31 min
Tagline: Biggest Gift of Life is to Feel the Beat of your Heart
#007: Ritu Mehrish - Leaders are not Superheroes, They are Human
Mar 22 • 31 min
Every leader stumbles, the great ones learn how to recover.
#006: Andrea T Edwards - Humanity through Social Leadership
Mar 15 • 39 min
Tagline: Own your Voice!
#005: Philippe Guichard - The Value of Industrial Design
Mar 8 • 53 min
Tagline: Trust the Creative Process – Let it Flow!
#004: Stephanie Nash - The New People Officers of Today
Mar 1 • 36 min
Tagline: Mindset is the Differentiator
#003: James Taylor​ - The SuperCreativity Keynote Speaker
Feb 23 • 45 min
The Life of a SuperCreativity Keynote Speaker
#002: Ron Kaufman​ - The #1 Service Guru
Feb 16 • 32 min
Discovering the World of Service Excellence and Care: Humanity
#001: Jeremy Blain - The Fit 21st Century Organisation
Jan 29 • 30 min
The Future of Work is but a Myth