Design and the City

Design and the City
“Design and the City” is published by reSITE, a global nonprofit acting to improve the urban environment, about the ways we can use design to make cities more livable and lovable. Cities are the sum of designers, developers, artists, citizens, public officials, entrepreneurs, and the displaced, but rarely do each of these constituencies gather in the same room, let alone speak the same language, and cities suffer for it. reSITE is literally that room. In order to create a city that is truly for everyone, we need to have conversations on how to design and build cities with humans in mind.

What is Design with Ravi Naidoo
Mar 24 • 35 min
Exuberant. Optimistic. Romantic. Three words Ravi Naidoo, the advocate who put African design on the map, used to describe himself. Ravi’s story is one of reinvention. Just as South Africa was entering a period of newly found democracy, Ravi found an…
Regenerating Cities, Transforming Communities with Christopher Cabaldon
Mar 17 • 30 min
The longest-serving mayor in West Sacramento’s history, the man behind the city’s outstanding urban regeneration that put it on the map as one of the most livable small towns in the United States, and an LGBTQ+ advocate, Christopher Cabaldon is a model…
Human-Centered Smart Cities with Marianthi Tatari
Mar 10 • 19 min
As a true systems thinker, Marianthi Tatari, Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, takes a scalar approach to design, addressing issues of experience and sense of place in various scales and typologies. During our discussion, we dissect…
Creating Emotional Connections to Nature with Yosuke Hayano
Mar 3 • 22 min
“How do you bring modern architecture into the future and connect humans with nature?” That is the question Yosuke Hayano, principal partner for MAD Architects brings to the table when the studio approaches any of their projects. They are creating a…
Fighting Gentrification, Berlin-Style with Leona Lynen
Feb 25 • 18 min
Haus der Statistik is a vast, unoccupied administration building in the heart of Berlin at Alexanderplatz. Leona is a Berlin-based urbanist and a member of ZUsammenKUNFT, a cooperative for urban development. ZUsammenKUNFT advocates for cooperation between…
East Meets West with Yoko Choy, featuring Beatrice Leanza, Jee Liu and Jamie Wallace
Feb 18 • 31 min
From working on the launch of Art Basel Hong Kong, to managing Beijing Design Week’s international communications, to her current role as Chinese editor of Wallpaper* magazine, Yoko Choy is a highly regarded communications consultant and design…
A New Generation of Architects with Chris Precht
Feb 11 • 23 min
When it comes to urban regeneration, not many are thinking about it the way Chris Precht is. Studio Precht’s modular buildings with interwoven, natural geometry bring “being green” to a whole other level. They are all variations on a theme - vertical…
Designing on a Human Scale with Thomas Heatherwick
Feb 4 • 28 min
For Thomas Heatherwick, architecture and urban design go hand-in-hand. Like with all of his projects, he strives to consider them from a human scale capturing the essence of what already exists. His holistic approach brings a thoughtful dimension to…
Design and the City Trailer
Jan 27 • 4 min
Design and the City is a podcast about the ways we can use design to make cities more livable and lovable. reSITE is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever official podcast, Design and the City. We interviewed nine of our most prolific and…