The Hard Carry with Adam Fitch

The Hard Carry with Adam Fitch
The Hard Carry with Adam Fitch is a short, weekly recap of the business side of esports. Not only covering the biggest developments, but explaining why they matter.

Eurosport picks up esports, Fortnite plans next big event
Apr 25 • 12 min
This week, I cover Eurosport picking up esports, ESL’s deal with GUNNAR Optiks, Fortnite planning its next big event, and Call of Duty: Mobile announcing its World Championship.
BMW partners with major teams, FaZe Clan raises $40M
Apr 18 • 14 min
This week, I cover BMW partnering with five major organisations, FaZe Clan’s $40M Series A funding round, Riot Games’ initial plans for VALORANT esports, and Nevada’s further approval of esports betting.
Jimmy Iovine invests in FaZe Clan
Apr 11 • 13 min
This week, I cover Jimmy Iovine investing in FaZe Clan, ESPN broadcasting esports, LCK implementing long-term partnerships, and Babybel entering the industry.
Kia and McDonald’s expand esports presence
Apr 4 • 16 min
This week, I cover Kia and McDonald’s expanding their esports efforts, the new team-owned One Tap League, Chupa Chups entering the industry, and AVANGAR ceasing operations.
Nevada approves bets on ESL Pro League
Mar 28 • 13 min
This week, I cover Team Reciprocity downscaling, FOX Sports continuing to air eNASCAR, Tribe Gaming’s recent $1M raise, and Nevada approving bets on ESL Pro League.
Traditional sports start to embrace esports
Mar 21 • 12 min
This week, I cover coronavirus’ continued effects on esports, motorsports migrating to sim racing tournaments, and TV 2 Norway acquiring the media rights to ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier.
Coronavirus widely affects esports
Mar 14 • 14 min
This week, I cover coronavirus’ effects on esports, FunPlus Phoenix entering FLASHPOINT, ESL Pro Tour’s media right deals, and Call of Duty League’s partnerships with Twitter and U.S. Army.
TSM enters Indian market
Mar 7 • 16 min
This week, I cover Team Reciprocity looking to be publicly listed, Hitmarker significantly expanding its coverage, Hurrah hiring former Louis Vuitton producer Varick Loyer, and TSM entering the Indian esports market. acquired for €34.5 million
Feb 29 • 14 min
This week, I cover being acquired by Better Collective, Dota Pro Circuit’s regional leagues, Herman Miller’s next step in esports, Nielson and LCS’ expansion, and Samsung renewing with Legacy Esports.
Faker obtains part-ownership in T1
Feb 22 • 14 min
This week, we cover Faker’s new deal with T1, ESL locking down Pro League teams, Rainbow Six Siege’s new esports program, Chiefs Esports Club’s deal with Marvel, and Esports Engine taking control of Halo Infinite esports.
Red Reserve’s controversial revival
Feb 15 • 15 min
This week, we cover Red Reserve’s controversial revival, Tinder flirting with paiN Gaming, Inter Milan entering esports, Juked raising $800,000, and Pringles returning to LEC.
Gareth Bale starts esports team
Feb 8 • 15 min
This week, we cover Gareth Bale launching Ellevens Esports, Misfits Gaming’s HQ plans, ULT’s Call of Duty League collection, and FLASHPOINT’s arrival.
Coca-Cola uses esports to sell new product
Feb 1 • 14 min
This week, we cover Fnatic’s many moves, Allied Esports’ big step towards building venues in retail spaces, Coca-Cola using esports to sell its new product, and more.
YouTube makes big esports streaming play
Jan 25 • 15 min
This week, we cover LEC’s partnership announcements, HUYA’s movements in Western esports, updates on Dignitas and 100 Thieves’ facilities, and YouTube acquiring the rights to broadcast Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, and more.
Nike dives deep into esports
Jan 18 • 18 min
This week, we cover Nike’s esports expansion, Astralis Group’s numerous deals, Allied Esports receiving a $5 million investment, and Fnatic flirting with Gucci.