Heeeeey, I’m Tobi from I share my personal story from a failing newbie to an affiliate marketing superstar …(maybe , hopefully one day 🤣)

How to make money without referrals
Jul 22 • 9 min
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Do NOT create content for your online business
Jun 15 • 3 min
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My first hater
Jun 8 • 3 min
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My new free traffic strategy
May 25 • 1 min
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Does fast and easy money finally exist?
May 11 • 7 min
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How self-observation leads to success and money
Apr 27 • 4 min
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You can not buy discipline
Apr 20 • 3 min
Hey, today we are talking about how to develop discipline and why you can’t buy it. Read this post HERE.
How to be more productive in one day than in one week
Apr 6 • 5 min
Today I want to tell you a little secret of how I managed it to be more productive in one day than in one week. But before we start with that, I also want to talk about what I accomplished last week with paid advertising. Haveeee fun listening to it. Find…
Promote others to make money?
Mar 30 • 6 min
Hey, today let’s talk about what happened last week after my mental breakdown.😅 And deal with an interesting question you already read in the headline. Is it possible to promote other peoples content and making money doing it? You can read the article…
People influencing and destroying my path to success
Mar 23 • 6 min
Hey, in this episode I’m talking about how other people influencing and destroying my path to success. I know it’s never a good thing to blame others for your own failure. But what I learned in life and about business and my personal story is that you…
How the corona virus can make you money
Mar 16 • 6 min
Today I’m talking about some major things happening last week and apart from that I’m going to share how the corona virus can make you money. Click Here to read the article.
How I paid $4 and made a sale
Mar 13 • 7 min
In this episode I speak about the key to productivity, how I invested into myself for success and the question whether it is actually easy to grow and operate an online business. Oh and of course I will tell you how I was able to generate a sale with only…
From zero to hero online daily
Jan 31 • 86 min
In this episode I’m going to share with my listeners every single day what I’m doing to grow my online business. I will talk about good and bad moments. You will get more detailed information here compared to my blog, because on my blog I’m only…
How I failed to make money online - THIS Story will open your eyes
Jan 18 • 74 min
This is for everyone who ever tried to make money online with affiliate marketing. I shared my personal story of how I failed and revealed how internet marketing gurus lying to you every single day. How bonuses trick you into buying something you don’t…