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E-commerce and optimum packaging design
Jun 30 • 29 min
As COVID-19 further channels consumer behaviour into online shopping, Libby Munford chats to leading expert, Brent Lindberg, founder of Fuseneo, to catch his curiosity on innovative packaging design for leading brands and Amazon in the e-commerce market.
Journey into ocean plastics
May 26 • 35 min
Sail away in this episode with Emily Penn, co-founder and mission director of eXXpedition, the all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission investigating the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution
PUMA is ready to roar
Apr 28 • 45 min
NVC’s Michael Nieuwesteeg speaks to Tim Sykes ahead of the launch of the PUMA manifesto, introducing a toolkit that aims to eliminate packaging as a sustainability issue.
Are polybags still in fashion?
Mar 25 • 41 min
Should we continue to use polybags in the fashion industry in light of sustainable alternatives? Ashley Holding, innovation manager at Fashion for Good and Adam Gendell, associate director of GreenBlue’s flagship project, the Sustainable Packaging…
Social Plastic initiative reveals value of packaging waste
Feb 25 • 35 min
Tim Sykes caught up with David Katz, founder and CEO of Plastic Bank, and Philippe Blanke, head of innovation and sustainability, Henkel Beauty Care, to learn how they plan to stop ocean plastic by monetizing waste while improving lives.
Coca-Cola talks sustainability
Jan 28 • 33 min
Coca-Cola discusses its packaging sustainability strategies