Game Makers: A Ubisoft Podcast

Game Makers: A Ubisoft Podcast
Follow us behind the scenes to hear how Ubisoft t…

Sounds Like Ancient Greece - The Audio of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Mar 26 • 32 min
Audio Director Lydia Andrew and the rest of the audio team at Ubisoft Québec talk about how they created the character, naval, environment, and combat sounds for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, as well as the game’s original music.
The Environment Sounds of Anno 1800
Feb 24 • 24 min
From distant church bells and bustling factories to winding rivers and busy zoos, how do the sounds of a city-builder game adapt as you zoom the camera in and out or skip from one part of the map to the other? Members of the audio team at Ubisoft…
The Music of Assassin’s Creed Symphony
Feb 16 • 25 min
Have you ever dreamed of hearing your favorite video game music played by an orchestra? Music Director and Conductor Ivan Linn talks about how he rewrote and adapted over a decade of Assassin’s Creed music for an multimedia concert featuring an 80-piece…
Creating the Sounds of Video Games
Feb 9 • 27 min
Have you ever thought about the person who makes the sounds you hear when you play a video game? Footsteps, swords clanging, armor creaking… Alexis Farand is a foley artist at Ubisoft Montreal who has created sound effects for games like Assassin’s Creed…
The Music of Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Feb 3 • 18 min
Rock musicians Alain Johannes and Norm block talk about recording the music for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, taking inspiration from the game’s South Pacific island setting and tense atmosphere. This episode was recorded on the Ubisoft booth at the Los Angeles…
Welcome to Game Makers: A Ubisoft Podcast
Jan 27 • 2 min
Follow us behind the scenes to hear how Ubisoft teams around the world make the games you love to play. This podcast will kick-off with a series about the sounds and music of games like Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Anno 1800, and more.…