Anamorphic by @kingsidharth

Anamorphic by @kingsidharth
Conversations about design, product, tech, startups, and, sometimes, random musings. Also interviews with various professionals.

Switching fields & the path to Become a Designer — switching career to design, from graphic design & motion to product design, generalist vs specialist designers: Conversation with Abhinav Chhikara
Mar 19 • 66 min
This roundtable turned to a conversation between the two — Abhinav Chhikara & Sidharth, since the other guests couldn’t make it. We talked about several topics but mostly covered: *Switching to design career* - Switching from a non-design industry to…
#3 Building a Career with the Internet, Finding our Passion, & Building Wealth — King Sidharth’s speech at PSG College of Techn, Coimbatore
Mar 7 • 41 min
While each one of us is born naturally curious, the education system & our mental-models, that our society runs on, train it out of us. Owning and honing this curiosity can change our lives — especially in the age of the internet. With the internet,…
Career in Design — from Jr. to Senior Designers, Design Mentorship & Evangelism — Design Roundtable:
Feb 24 • 81 min
What if we could get some kick-ass folks to sit together and talk about questions and issues that most won’t address. With the first roundtable, we explored the topic “Career Path as a Designer”, with: Abhinav Chhikara — Designer, YouTuber, & Digital…
Conversation with Nandini Gangal, Product Designer at CRED – Anamorphic by @kingsidharth
Jan 26 • 55 min
Nandini Gangal (from Udaipur, Rajasthan) started as an engineering student, taught herself UI/UX design and went on to become a product designer at Rentomojo, Flipkart, and (now) CRED. In the first part of her interview, we discuss her childhood…