Boldly Social With Tim Campbell

Boldly Social With Tim Campbell
Welcome to the #BoldlySocial Podcast!Here we’re talking about building confidence for solopreneur businesses so people can fall in love with us and our businesses the way they’re supposed to. We’re going to talk about confidence issues, boosts and h

E11: I Wish My Social Looked Like That…
Apr 6 • 8 min
Do you wish your social media looked like somebody else’s?Maybe there’s an influencer you love, or someone in your industry who’s just crushing it the way you want to…How do you get that?On this episode we’re talking about setting your own goals and…
E10: Who Should We Take Feedback From?
Mar 30 • 7 min
Feedback comes from a lot of different directions when it comes to our business or social media.So who should we take feedback from?On this episode we talk about sources where you should, and shouldn’t, take feedback from as well as what to do with it…
E9: I Wish I Was Like That Influencer…
Mar 23 • 7 min
Do you wish you were like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey or The Birds Papaya? You have the exact same power as them.You have all the qualities you need, the superpowers and the being to be as popular as them.In this episode we talk about not the difference…
E8: I Don’t Know What to Post On Social Media!
Mar 16 • 8 min
Ever bang your head against the wall because you don’t know what to post?Don’t beat yourself up!We talk about never punishing yourself, celebrating little behaviours and tips/tricks to never run out of content ideas.The world is at your fingertips and…
E7: Nobody Wants to See My Videos
Mar 9 • 7 min
Self talk are the things we say to ourselves in our brain: and sometimes that self talk is less than positive. The thing is: that negative self talk is inaccurate. Today we’re talking about VIDEOS.Why are they good for marketing? Who needs to see them?…
E6: Nobody Wants to See My…Selfies
Mar 2 • 10 min
Get out of your head and into the world when it comes to selfies: trust me, we all want to see them on social media.
E5: Nobody Wants to See My…
Feb 24 • 8 min
If ever you’ve thought “nobody wants to see my…” anything on social media, you’re wrong: and we’ll talk about how to get around that negative self talk.
E4: How Should I Conduct Myself In These Situations On Social Media?
Feb 17 • 8 min
Treat social media, and really your social media marketing like you would in real life.
E3: “I Know I Need to be Doing Social Media” But Don’t Know What That Looks Like
Feb 10 • 8 min
Today we’re talking about what it really means to “do” social media, and some steps you can take to do it well.
E2: I’m Scared of Making Mistakes On Social Media
Feb 3 • 8 min
How can we get over the fear of mistaking mistakes to live more boldly and confidently on social media?
E1: Where Should I Start On Social Media?
Jan 25 • 7 min
Sometimes on our journeys or with something new in marketing we say “I don’t know where to start” - and now we have steps and a protocol.
E0: Get to Know Me, Tim, The #BoldlySocial Weirdo
Jan 25 • 7 min
Before I ask you to join me on this journey, let’s get to know each other.