Sisters for Sale: Every Stranger's Eyes

Sisters for Sale: Every Stranger's Eyes
Young women on the border between Vietnam and China find themselves caught between a violent custom and a vicious criminal underworld. Investigating the mysterious disappearances of his teenaged friends, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a human traffic…

Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 11
Apr 4 • 29 min
After a small mistake costs Ben the only real chance he has to find his kidnapped friend May, he returns to Sapa and begins to understand the true danger than threatens him and his other local friends.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 10
Mar 30 • 23 min
Ben returns to Asia, and begins moving towards Vietnam - only to receive some startling news that changes his situation completely and, for the first time, gives him real hope of finding May.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 9
Mar 22 • 27 min
As Ben realises he’s in over his head with ‘The Human, Earth Project’, he receives two surprising messages - one offering a ray of hope, and the other making his situation only more complicated.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 8
Mar 17 • 23 min
As Ben struggles to gain the support he needs, his nascent project suddenly grows far larger and more complex - and an unexpected message from Blue Dragon’s Michael Brosowski makes him realise that May is not his only friend who has been kidnapped from…
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 7
Mar 9 • 27 min
Ben makes up his mind to return to Asia and search for his kidnapped friend May - only to realise he won’t be able to do it alone. But who will support a project that’s almost certainly doomed to fail?
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 6
Mar 2 • 22 min
After a sudden shock rocks his world, Ben’s finds himself in a very unexpected situation, and learns what a difference a good friend can make in a time of need.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 5
Feb 25 • 26 min
After leaving Vietnam, Ben’s life takes him in other directions. He learns the importance of direct action - and receives a message that stops his world.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 4
Feb 18 • 25 min
As Ben’s life in Sapa leads him in new and unexpected directions, what makes it a truly special time are the people he meets there - including Toan, May, and a French Canadian backpacker named Dominique.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 3
Feb 10 • 35 min
A stranger’s unexpected offer turns Sapa from a quick stop on a backpacking trip to Ben’s home. He begins to understand the challenges confronting the local Hmong women, and forms friendships with May and Pang that will change all of their lives.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 2
Feb 3 • 27 min
Arriving as a backpacker in the small mountain town of Sapa, in northern Vietnam, Ben witnesses the struggles of the impoverished Black Hmong people, and receives the original inspiration for ‘The Human, Earth Project’.
Every Stranger’s Eyes: Episode 1
Jan 24 • 32 min
After his first shocking encounter with human trafficking in northern Thailand, Ben finds himself drawn towards Sapa, Vietnam