The Sinner and The Saint

The Sinner and The Saint
She said what?! One was raised on a church pew in the south, the other on the wrong side of the tracks. Together this unlikely duo hashes out the complexities and quandaries of life while slapping a little Jesus on it. Does her sweet tea need a little…

#17 - The Big Kahuna
Jul 1 • 23 min
Balancing the reverence of an all-powerful God with the grace He gives. This is a deep one folks. We get tongue-tied, tears well up in our eyes, and we are deeply humbled as we discuss the deep love our God has for us.
#16 - Forgiveness Be Like …
Jun 24 • 25 min
Why is it so difficult to forgive ourselves and others? What are the benefits & pitfalls of forgiveness?
#15 - Hey, God! Is This Thing On?
Jun 17 • 22 min
What do do when God goes silent. In the church, people often talk about how they feel as if they are in the desert. It’s like God is social distancing from them. They aren’t experiencing His presence or peace as they have in the past. In this episode,…
Special Episode - The Heart of the Matter with special guest Dorrell Briscoe
Jun 11 • 47 min
Special podcast with Dorrell Briscoe about current race relations in America. Dorrell is a friend, pastor of Six-Eight Church Durham, NC, and author of There’s A Storm Comin’: How the American Church Can Lead Through Times of Racial Crisis. We hope you…
#14 - The Golden Calf
Jun 3 • 20 min
I don’t have any gold statues I worship, so I know I don’t have any idols … . that’s not true. In this episode, we explore what idols are and discover that we all have them.
#13 - The Mind is a Corn Maze
May 27 • 21 min
The Bible warns us about our minds. To defeat the enemy, it helps to know what we are up against. The Bible tells us (or should I say warns us) that the mind is wicked, sinful, depraved, deceived, easily led astray and worldly. Check out these verses…
#12 - Does God Really Speak to Us?
May 20 • 20 min
What is God’s whisper? Is it real and does He still talk to us like He did in the Bible?Check out the bonus material! Includes YouTube video and discussion/ journal questions. We also referenced a book written by our very own Allison Cain. Access all of…
#11 - The Balancing Act
May 12 • 22 min
What is balance, how do we achieve it and maintain it?Check out our bonus material on YouTube!
#10 - Just Say No!
May 5 • 23 min
Putting up healthy boundaries and learning to say no to things can be difficult. We have some great tips!Looking for more resources? Check out our YouTube channel for more material on this topic!In the podcast, Allison gives a book recommendation check…
#9 - Finding Your Tribe
Apr 28 • 22 min
How do you find good friends? Is it like speed dating?