Solving Everything

Solving Everything
We’ll certainly talk about everything - that much we’re sure of - and maybe we’ll even solve some things too.

15. Apocolypto
Jul 9 • 129 min
A deep dive into Mel Gibson’s masterpiece. We also cover Mel’s troubled worldview and prejudices, and the question of whether to abandon deeply flawed artists’ work.
14. The God Episode
Jun 19 • 95 min
As Dan would say….where to begin? This episode covers the Catholic God, the divinity of physics, seeking God (is Dan a Unitarian Universalist?), forgiveness, how maybe we’re all like Jesus, crossing words off of Metallica albums, an ORIGINAL SONG by Andy…
13. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Artistic Integrity in Comedy
Jun 1 • 97 min
Dan loves OUaTiH so much it almost hurts. We celebrate the movie and everything about it. Kris finally forgives Brad Pitt for cheating on Jen. Then deep dive into Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Steve Martin and artistic integrity. Andy loves…
12. Solving School
May 12 • 78 min
In this episode: prom; teenage male and female brains, bodies and sex drives; bullies; date rape; progressive education and what an ideal school looks like.
11. Hoosiers: BONUS
Apr 25 • 95 min
Olympics catch up, Larry Bird and driven athletes, Gene Hackman kicks ass in every movie he’s in (Superman! Unforgiven! Royal Tenenbaums!) and how we all need a pandemic coach.
10. Hoosiers Deep Dive
Apr 24 • 100 min
Hoosiers is the greatest and Gene Hackman is good in everything and at everything. Also, Indiana, Bobby Knight and more coach philosophy.
9. Solving the Olympics
Apr 9 • 85 min
Our first Zoom pod! Andy and Kris break down summer Olympics sports with some hilarious surprises (check out the graphic at Dan joins in to talk more about Olympics, whether mermaids are hot, and about how Hail Satan’s not…
7. Mark Croft Interview: Solving the Music Business
Mar 25 • 89 min
Dan, Andy and Kris talk to local musician Mark Croft on how to make a living as a performer, what the music industry looks like now, how he got started, the connection with fans, and why he chose “Bird of Paradise” blue to paint his bedroom. Also check…
8. Mark Croft Interview: Bonus
Mar 25 • 41 min
Mark and Andy nerd out on Star Wars, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica. Metallica gets snubbed and Jethro Tull finally gets a Grammy after waiting for years on one leg for the privilege. Find Mark Croft at…
6: Ford vs. Ferrari and Free Solo
Mar 12 • 82 min
What do Free Solo rock climber Alex Honnold, Laird Hamilton, Michael Jordan, Ali, and Ken Miles have in common? An unfathomable, unwaivering drive. Also on this episode: the human butt, Diva Cups, Indy 500, horse racing, Kris hates sad endings, and Dan…
5. Sports, Commercialism, and Global Influence.
Feb 27 • 96 min
The LeBron/China thing. How South Park gets everything right. Are sports less fun to watch now that everything is commercialized? Does every game lose its purity by becoming more sterilized? Michael Jordan plays baseball and college sports become a means…
4. Coach Stories, Religion and Big Mind
Feb 19 • 80 min
Episode 4. Big Mind meditation, victim mentality and the value of therapy. Abandoning Catholicism: Can we even remember the 10 Commandments? Is sports a new form of religion? Inspiring sports quotes and speeches that give us goosebumps. The impact of a…
3. Banned Wagon Tour
Feb 4 • 71 min
What happens when a gang of budding musicians hop onto the back of a hay wagon, pulled by a tractor for a tour across small towns in Iowa? Inspiration, meaningful connection, and an honest look at the rural Midwest.
2. What is true? Dave Chappelle, MJ and more.
Jan 31 • 52 min
Episode 2. Dave Chappelle, the brutality of life in the public eye, Michael and Michael, union strikes, teaching kids morality without the threat of religious consequences, breaking from rigid traditions, finding truth, Rush Limbaugh, the real patriotism,…
1. On the Free Side (with Intro)
Jan 23 • 71 min
Meet Kris Adams, Dan Higgs, and Andrew Nath as they spend 30 minutes introducing the “why” behind Solving Everything before diving right into the first episode. Dig an original short story, why Raiders of the Lost Ark and Die Hard mattered to middle…