Tableside Mashed Potatoes - A Digital Marketing Podcast

Tableside Mashed Potatoes - A Digital Marketing Podcast
Are you a marketing professional? Feeling overwhelmed yet? Join us as we tackle this crazy industry one episode at a time. From marketing and data to branding and UX, we’ll dissect these over drinks. Hosted by Derek Hovinga, Scott Irwin and Peter Bisho?

Talkin’ Shop Edition: Talkin’ generalists with Rob Fairhead from ZGM
Jul 30 • 44 min
On our 19th episode, we start our “Talkin’ Shop” series where we bring on our co-workers to talk about anything and everything. On this episode, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer Rob Fairhead fills in for a vacationing Scott to talk about marketing…
The Marketing Major Tableside Mashed Potato Mashup
Jul 10 • 26 min
On episode 18, we had new University of Alberta marketing grad and host of the Marketing Major podcast, Josh Radostits come on to talk about what it’s like graduating during a pandemic.We talk about his experience producing a podcast and how he was able…
“What the F is Paid Media” with Sarah from ZGM
Jul 2 • 32 min
On episode 17, Sarah Schmidt from ZGM educates us on paid media and what you have to do to get free beer t-shirts.Thanks to:Calgary band Thomas Thomas for lending us their track “Happy New Year Baby” ZGM Modern Marketing Partners
Black Lives Matter and Navigating Social Cause with Puneeta McBryan
Jun 25 • 40 min
#BlackLivesMatter has sparked many conversations about systemic racism and how many brands with a strong influence and voice should be leading the way to help push change.On episode 17, we talk to ZGM’s Director of Account Services, Puneeta McBryan, to…
COVID & Cocktails with Jeff from Proof, Donna Mac and Vine Arts
May 28 • 37 min
Jeff is a co-owner of Vine Arts Wine and Spirits, Proof and Donna Mac and we were lucky enough to chat with him about what he’s doing with his reopening strategy for his restaurants.We talk about how COVID-19 has helped him evolve his businesses, social…
Free money with Jay from Goodpin
May 20 • 27 min
On episode 14 of the podcast, we had entrepreneur Jay Baydala from Goodpin and Evrywork come on the podcast to talk about how he left a lucrative position in corporate IT to creating change in the world by starting Goodpin.Special thanks to:Jay…
Game marketing and hairy backs with Ric Williams from ZGM
May 14 • 36 min
On episode 13, we bring in one of the partners of ZGM who has experience in a number of realms. We talk what it was like working in the gaming industry, how to scale your business into new markets and what exactly he means by peanut butter and hairy…
Managing client expectations with Jill from Daughter Creative
May 7 • 26 min
On episode 12, our worlds collide as we bring in someone from a competing agency to talk on managing client expectations. Jill Dewes helps run Daughter Creative, a branding and design agency out of Calgary. We talk about her advertising upbringing and…
Managing accounts with Heleena from 123w
Apr 30 • 28 min
On our 11th episode, we decided to bring on a guest. Heleena Webber is a former ZGM employee and is now the Group Account Director at One Twenty Three West - Vancouver advertising agency and design collective.Heleena is a Jane of all trades and talks a…
3 things marketers probably don’t want to hear.
Apr 19 • 28 min
On our big 10th episode, the Tableside crew discuss the art of baking and 3 things marketers probably don’t want to hear but they should.Thanks again to Thomas Thomas for lending us their song “Happy New Year” and to ZGM Modern Marketers for officially…
Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!!!
Apr 4 • 32 min
On episode 9, we record our podcast through Zoom and discuss how some businesses in various industries are pivoting in this current landscape.Thanks again to Thomas Thomas for lending us their song “Happy New Year”.Podcast brought to you by ZGM Modern…
Covid-19 and the shift to working remotely
Mar 22 • 24 min
In the midst of Covid-19, it’s realistic to assume that shifting to the “home office” will become the new normal for many of us for a while. On Episode 8, Peter, Scott and Derek from ZGM Modern Marketing Partners log into a video conference call on…
COVID-19’s impact on marketing
Mar 11 • 28 min
On episode 7, with news about the Coronavirus updating by the minute, the Tablesides drink a couple Negronis and talk about COVID-19’s economic impact and ways we can use digital means to help counter it.Tune in as we try to make light of a depressing…
Flushing out product design at Ad Rodeo’s Student Speed Mentoring event
Feb 28 • 23 min
On episode 6 of Tablesides, Scott summarizes his experience, we talk about toilets and how robots will never replace the plumber.
Marketing Tools: The good, the bad and the butt ugly
Feb 20 • 28 min
The Tableside crew talks about how to use marketing tools to help create a more efficient workflow, capture data and boost revenue.
Inbound marketing brings home the bacon.
Feb 13 • 25 min
What’s inbound marketing and why are lots of people moving towards this methodology to grow their business.
That’s how the browser cookies crumble.
Feb 6 • 20 min
The team at Tableside take us through why browser cookies will soon be changing and what this means for marketers and consumers.
How to Kombat poor website usability. Get over here!
Feb 5 • 28 min
We talk about what usability means and why it is important.
Why create a podcast for your business and how to do it. Podception!
Jan 23 • 23 min
In our first podcast, we talk about diversifying your content with audio and the process of starting a podcast for your own business by showing you how we started ours.