Is That Even Legal?

Is That Even Legal?
The law impacts almost everything we do, several times a day. Sometimes we break the law and don’t even know it! Attorney Bob Sewell explores what is legal in today’s society by asking experts the age old question - Is That Even Legal? And getting the

How to Get Your Neighbor to SHUT. UP. And are YOU Too Noisy By Law?
Jul 27 • 30 min
In one U.S. city, there is a 14 -point test to see if you violate the noise ordinance. You might be doing so, just by having a conversation! You would literally need a decibel meter to know if you’re noise compliant. What do you do if your neighbor…
The Government Can Take Your Property Even When YOU ARE NOT accused of a crime with Paul Avelar
Jul 13 • 27 min
The stories will shock you. Laws meant to get back ill-gotten goodies from the crimes of pirates and drug lords are now used to take property from common citizens, even from those who are not charged with crimes! To the tune of $4.5 billion…
Shoddy? Naughty? Is What Your Contractor Did Even Legal?
Jun 26 • 28 min
In this episode Bob puts on the tool belt to talk with attorney David Williams. Many of us have had the experience of hiring a contractor who didn’t do the job right. Maybe they abandoned the job altogether. Is that EVEN LEGAL? On the other side of the…
Selling Legal Services by Subscription - Is That Even Legal? Bob Talks with LegalShield CEO Jeff Bell
Jun 12 • 33 min
If there is one thing that has been brought into focus recently is that everyone needs and deserves access to justice. One of the biggest barriers to that access is cost. Some state bar associations are exploring expanded roles for non-lawyers to lower…
The government can take your future babies. Is that even legal?
May 29 • 19 min
Divorce is messy, emotional and traumatic. Even more so when children - including future children are involved. Just ask Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, who faced a lawsuit from her own embryos. In an Arizona Supreme Court Case this year, Terrell v….
COVID or Not - Your HOA Is Not Going Away…Bob Explores What’s Legal With Homeowner’s Associations
May 15 • 22 min
There you are. You are worried about your bills already. Then comes the bill from the HOA. You are reminded that not paying that bill can bring a lot of trouble. You may also be reminded of all the benefits you get from belonging to a Homeowners…
They quarantined Typhoid Mary because she was sick: Many people aren’t sick but are quarantined or sheltered in place - Is That Even Legal?
May 2 • 25 min
They quarantined Typhoid Mary back in the day because she, well, carried Typhoid. Many today are not sick, but are quarantined or sheltered in place by their governments. Bob’s guest is constitutional lawyer and former Arizona Solicitor General Rob…
A Divorce Lawyer Who Tries to Save Your Marriage - Is that EVEN LEGAL?
Apr 17 • 26 min
There have been some shocking studies recently that MANY married folks are planning to get divorced as soon as COVID-19 calms down. The Great Quarantine of 2020 has proven to be a strain on even some of the best marriages. My guest is the number one…
Special Edition: Financial Help For Businesses and Consumers During COVID-19 What’s legal NOW?
Apr 6 • 28 min
Financial programs to help businesses and consumers in the wake of the COVID-19 economic shutdown are underway. Find out more in this interview with Pernell McGuire, managing partner of the law firm Davis Miles McGuire Gardner. Some businesses and…
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act - What’s Even Legal For Employers, Employees?
Mar 20 • 22 min
Special Edition. The Family First Act - what’s even legal now?We are all impacted by the Coronavirus in some way…and a new law that goes into effect April 2, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, will affect many listeners. Your host Bob Sewell…
My boss says they are in love with me! Is that even legal? #metoo and the workplace.
Mar 13 • 22 min
According to a recent report, 27 percent of Americans have had an office romance…and a quarter of those romances were with their boss. This despite heightened public scrutiny following a litany of high-profile sexual misconduct cases. Is that even…
Asset Protection - Is That Even Legal?
Feb 27 • 25 min
These days you can be sued for almost anything. In order to protect their hard earned wealth, a lot of people use some kind of asset protection. What is it? Who does it? Who should do it and how? Is it legal?Bob talks with attorney and entrepreneur…
Creating a trust for your pet…Is That Even Legal?
Feb 14 • 14 min
Can you leave your chicken (money) to your chicken? Are Pet Trusts even legal?
You hear a lot about ‘Self Defense,” but…. Is that even legal? Bob gets to the bottom of it.
Jan 30 • 20 min
In this episode Bob intereviews defense lawyer Russ Richelsoph about the myths and misconceptions of self defense, stand your ground and what’s legal!
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