As I Am

As I Am
A warm welcome beautiful souls. As I am was created to help you release the magic within. This show is about empowerment, truth and learning to accept yourself as you are. Tune in as I intimately share my own truths, musings, meditations and so much more!

Agency Over Your Pleasure: Get Embodied with Desirè
Jul 3 • 70 min
Welcome back beautiful souls! In this episode, LaToya communes with her fellow sensual sister Desire’! Desire’ is a Sensual Liberator, Pleasure Activist and owner of Sugar and Sage. A beautiful being that is an all around Divine Goddess full of wisdom!…
A Black Womxn’s Rage
Jun 15 • 6 min
When will we be protected? A call for women to take up arms and protect ourselves! Black Womxn, we are GOD’s! I love you! Mother, daughters, friends, healers, activists.
Black Folk & Sustainability: Reflections with Carrington On Self-care and How Nothing Moves Without US.
Jun 12 • 77 min
In this episode LaToya communes and relates with Carrington of Parts Homegrown regarding all things sustainability, veganism, plants, yoga and just being dope black womxn! You can connect with Carrington on her social media platforms Instagram:…
Embrace the Erotic: Rediscover Your Power. Conversations with Seshata Rose
Apr 25 • 61 min
In this episode LaToya welcomes her first guest Seshata Rose! The Queens explore Seshata’s erotic art, literature, sensual liberation and laughs. This is a raw look at the inner world of two liberated black womxn who unapologetically show up for…
Choose Healing: All Is Coming With Ease
Mar 26 • 36 min
Sistas how y’all feelin’? Brothas y’all alright? This episode is for er’body! In this episode LaToya shares her personal experiences and the impact the current global crisis has had on her life. LaToya invites you to reimagine your life at this time; with…
The Other Side of Fear: Liberation!
Feb 22 • 31 min
In this episode LaToya sheds light one of the most common fears we deal with, why we perpetuate this fear and how to navigate through it so you can live your best damn life! As always, she gives insight on her own personal journey of acknowledging and…
Who Am I: Loving Your Authentic Self
Jan 30 • 24 min
Welcome! This is the 1st official episode of “As I Am” Authenticity is an important quality for LaToya and she wanted to be true to that and allow things to unfold naturally. A natural progression of As I Am would be sharing more about herself.…
Musings from the Enchantress
Jan 23 • 0 min
Let’s release the magic within!
As I Am
Jan 23 • 7 min
This guided meditation was created to help you release any doubt that you are worthy, as you are. Find a quiet place, calm yourself and let’s begin…