One More Thing Before You Go

One More Thing Before You Go
“a unique conversation about life”

Angels Among Us, with a Celebrity Psychic PART 2
Aug 3 • 30 min
In this episode, we explore That Thing About Angels Among Us, how to connect with your Angels, Guardian Angels, and what they can do for you! You’ll learn what the signs are when your Angels are talking to you, the fact you can communicate with you…
Angels Among Us, with a Celebrity Psychic PART 1
Jul 27 • 27 min
In this episode, part 1 of 2, we explore That Thing About Angels Among Us, Whether or not believe in angels, if they’re real, what an Angel is and what they can do for you! You’ll learn if you have to be religious in order to believe in them, and why do…
Being a Vegan
Jul 15 • 55 min
In this episode we explore Veganism, which is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, and all other animal-derived ingredients. We discuss working towards a plant-based diet, what a Vegan is, where to get your nutrition, vegan…
Triumph Over Tragedy
Jun 23 • 50 min
In this episode we explore “That Thing About Triumph Over Tragedy.”We will hear a very poignant journey of a child that grew into an adult, being the epitome of overcoming life, when it throws the most despicable obstacles you could ever imagine at you.…
Making Yoga a Part of Your Life
Jun 14 • 50 min
In this episode of One More Thing Before You Go, we explore “That Thing About Yoga, and Why it Should Be Part of Your Life.” You’ll learn What Yoga is? Whether or not you need a Yoga Studio; What to do if You’re Out of Shape; Is there Yoga for Seniors? If…
Cutting the Head Off the Snake- Intergenerational Trauma
Jun 8 • 55 min
Find out what it takes to cut the head off the snake, as Michael Hsu a holistic practitioner shows us how Inter-Generational Trauma has an affect on our lives today, and how to heal it. He does this by taking us through a journey of healing mind body and…
Healing Oils and Grief
Jun 1 • 43 min
In this episode we talk to Kimberley Milousis, a natural health entrepreneur and Christian abundance coach focusing on empowering women to renew their mind, their body and their business. She’s a mom, a wife, and someone that has lost her mother recently,…
The Psychic,The Magic, and The Other Side
May 9 • 50 min
Our guest this episode is Emily Davis, a Bestselling Author, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer, Podcast Host,Artist, Psychic/Medium, and Magick. We learn how she began to awaken her spiritual, and intuitive gifts around the time she was eight years old and…
Finding a Spiritual Path After Loss
Mar 15 • 50 min
A spiritual journey to overcoming a devastating loss, will help you understand how everything is connected, and you have the ability to learn how it can help you overcome loss. Our guest this episode is Leslie Saglio, a woman that believes in a…
Messages From The Other Side
Mar 2 • 47 min
Welcome to this week’s episode “That Thing About Messages from the Other Side” with Marisa Meddin a Clairvoyant Medium who has a unique gift of talking to the other side and transcribing that message to you via a written letter. Through a variety of…
the Health Industry Just Might Be Killing Me
Feb 24 • 48 min
Our guest this week is Nicole Herst a young woman living on her own under the age of 35 who suffers from an autoimmune disease, endometriosis, and some potential serious issues with her breast health. She shares her story of struggles with being…
Losing a Parent at a Young Age
Feb 9 • 55 min
Our guest this week on One More Thing Before You Go, a Unique Conversation About Life is Aimee Carlson, also known as The Toxin Terminator, a wife, a mother and a grandmother! Together we will explore Aimee’s journey through the loss of three family…
Tea With Charlie and Me- The Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Mental Health and Well-Being: The #1 Prescription You Should Write to Yourself!
Feb 7 • 10 min
In today’s society, people tend to forget to take care of themselves, it’s essential to balancing the mind the body and the soul, the key to being happy, and being healthy. So, Charlie and I are here to remind you; that When life is moving as fast as a…
Losing Someone Close To You
Feb 1 • 43 min
That Thing About Losing Someone Close To You, the hurt, the healing and how to manage grief
One More Thing Before You Go - The Trailer
Jan 22 • 1 min
An engaging and honest conversation about Life…what makes us laugh, cry, and contemplate, feel, hate and love. That One More Thing…..the Personal Journeys, the words never said, the deep discussions about Loss and Life after Death, Politics, Alternative…