Beyond the Set New York

Beyond the Set New York
A podcast that looks to connect you with the people, companies and organizations involved with unifying the film and television industry in New York.

9: Producer Peter Saraf’s Perspective
May 22 • 17 min
Producer Peter Saraf joined the Beyond the Set NY Podcast to discuss his long career working in television, including with iconic actors such as Tom Hanks and Steve Carell. Peter also shared his memories of a New York before the tax credit came into…
8: Looking Beyond the COVID Crisis
May 7 • 16 min
On the latest episode, New York Production Alliance Vice President Michael Jackman joins us to discuss his career working in Film & TV in New York, his reaction to the response of the industry to the COVID-19 crisis and how he sees it recovering. Michael…
7: NYPA Film & T.V. Members Give Back To Their Community
Apr 10 • 13 min
Eva Radke, NYPA Member and co-founder of ArtCube Nation, has mobilized an “ArtCube Army” to help serve those most vulnerable on the front lines of this Covid-19 crisis - Doctors and Nurses. Her team of volunteers is helping to make face shields and other…
6: Crew Me Up Co-Founder Joshua A. Friedman
Mar 27 • 13 min
Joshua A. Friedman joined Beyond the Set New York to discuss his time working in production throughout New York State, including his time working on Law & Order. Josh also discussed his company Crew me Up and what they are doing to change the film &…
5: New York Production Alliance Chair Flo Mitchell-Brown
Mar 19 • 17 min
As the Chair of the New York Production Alliance, Flo is in a unique position to be voice of the unified film and television industry in New York State. Flo took time to discuss her career in the film & television industry, as well as the importance of…
4: Adam Brightman - Producer of Escape at Dannemora
Feb 28 • 18 min
Adam Brightman, 30 year veteran of the New York Film & Television Industry, joined Beyond the Set New York to talk about his experience navigating the New York production scene, why New York is so appealing to actors, and how the Film & TV tax credit has…
3: Eva Radke of ArtCube Nation
Feb 14 • 16 min
On this episode of Beyond the Set New York, join us as we discuss film and television in New York with Eva Radke of ArtCube Nation, which is a place where film and television freelancers and professionals can seek out new job opportunities and where…
2: Film Commissioner Nora Brown
Jan 29 • 15 min
On the latest episode of Beyond the Set New York, we were joined by Commissioner Nora Brown, who oversees Film and Television in the Rochester and Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Brian and Commissioner Brown talk about current projects that are…
1 - Film and T.V. Editor David Tedeschi
Jan 21 • 16 min
Welcome to the Inaugural Episode of Beyond the Set - NY. We are thrilled to have on long time New York film and television editor David Tedeschi, who has been a long time collaborator with Martin Scorsese. Don’t forget to Rate, Review, Subscribe and Share!