The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show

The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show
The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show is an entertaining look at art, beauty, music, pop culture, business and sports in Northern Nevada. Featuring local personalities, influencers, and the people who are shaping our communities and beyond. Weekday mornings have never been hotter!

Amplified Entertainment, Attorney Henry Sotelo, & Silent No More 02/24/20
Feb 24 • 43 min
Guests: Kenneth Allen, Amplified Entertainment - Henry Sotelo, Attorney for the Reno Municipal Community Court Tayler McCurley, Silent No More - Show Notes: Today on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” from…
Fanatic Friday 02/21/20
Feb 21 • 43 min
Guests: Shaun O’Harra & Grady Holdridge, The Fanatic Friday Crew Show Notes: It’s a “Fanatic Friday” on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” with “The Superstarter Jenes Carter,” Shaun O’Harra, and Grady Holdridge. This morning we covered these topics and much…
Crawl Reno, Reno Body Paint Factory, Reno Wind Symphony, & Joey Gilbert Law 02/20/20
Feb 20 • 43 min
Guests: Ed Adkins, Crawl Reno - Josh Prater, Reno Body Paint Factory - Steve Martin, Reno Wind Symphony - Joey Gilbert, Joey Gilbert Law - Show Notes: Packed show on…
Human Innerface, Reno Mardi Gras, & “Downtown Darling” Britton Griffith 02/19/20
Feb 19 • 43 min
Guests: Sharon DeMattia, Transform Nation Tour & Human Innerface - Debe Fennel and Jesus Guitierrez, Reno Mardi Gras 2020 - The “Downtown Darling” Britton Griffith Show Notes: Today’s…
Josie’s Glam Makeup + Lashes 02/18/20
Feb 18 • 43 min
Guest: Josie Beltran of Josie’s Glam Makeup + Lashes Show Notes: It’s “Beauty Tuesday” with “Molly in da Morning, ” The “Superstarter” Jenes Carter, and Oliver X. Special guest Josie Beltran. ***License to use music contained in this program was issued by…
Restless Artists Theater & Cosplay For Kindness 02/13/20
Feb 13 • 43 min
Guests: Debe Lynn Hull and Hannah Sloan from Restless Artists Theater - Brandon Boykins, Brianna, and Britsy from Cosplay For Kindness - Show Notes: Today on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” Debe Lynn Hull and…
Theater Works of Nevada & Shim’s Surplus Supplies 02/12/20
Feb 12 • 43 min
Guests: Jillian Helget, VP at Theater Works of Northern Nevada - Zach Cage, Owner of Shim’s Surplus Supplies - Show Notes: This morning on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” on 1180AM KCKQ from 8a-9a, the “Superstarter Jenes Carter”…
Outsiders Hair Studio 02/11/20
Feb 11 • 43 min
Guests: Nellie Davis, Owner Outsiders Hair Studio - Molly Beth Bryant “Molly in Da Morning” - Licensed Cosmetologist Show Notes: It’s a Beauty Tuesday today on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show.” We speak with Nellie Davis,…
Collateral and Co. Contemporary Dance Company & Nevada Museum of Art 02/10/20
Feb 10 • 43 min
Guests: Caitlin McCarty, Artistic Director of Collateral and Co. Contemporary Dance Company Claire Muñoz, The Jeane Jones Director of Public Programming and Community Engagement at the Nevada Museum of Art - Show Notes: This morning from…
Fanatic Friday 02/07/20
Feb 7 • 43 min
Guests: Grady Holdridge & Shaun O’Hara, Fanatic Friday Crew Show Notes: Talking sports - Superbowl recap, NFL team needs and a little NBA. Resource Link: ***License to use music contained in this program was issued by…
Ecstatic Dance Reno & Wild River Grille 02/06/20
Feb 6 • 43 min
Guests: Alicia Kelley & Sebastien Elcano, Ecstatic Dance Reno - Reto Gross, Wild River Grille - Show Notes: “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” on AM-1180 KCKQ from 8a-9a, the “Superstarter Jenes Carter” and I…
Humanoid TransformNation, The Fabulous Fifties, Tahoe Polar Plunge, and Britton Griffith “The Downtown Darling” 02/05/20
Feb 5 • 43 min
Guests: Sharon DeMattia of Humanoid TransformNation - Rick Cornell, Host & Performer of “The Fabulous Fifties” Britton Griffith, “The Downtown Darling” Luke Eisaman from the Tahoe Polar Plunge -…
Beauty Tuesday with Molly In The Mornings 02/04/20
Feb 4 • 43 min
Guests: Molly Beth Bryant, “Molly In The Mornings” Show Notes: Today on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” from 8a-9a on 1180AM KCKQ (A Lotus Broadcasting Station), the “Superstarter Jenes Carter, Molly Beth Bryant and I welcome you to Beauty Tuesday.” On our…
Reno Arts & Culture Commission, The Utility Players, and Eric H. Andersen of The Novelists 02/03/20
Feb 3 • 43 min
Guests: Geralda Miller, Commissioner of Reno Arts & Culture Commission & Co-owner at Art Spot Reno - Jessica Levity Daylover of The Utility Players Eric H Andersen, Guitar playing crooner & Lead-singer/pianist for The Novelists Show Notes:…
Fanatic Friday 01/31/20
Jan 31 • 43 min
Guests: James Penner, Tennis Analyst Grady Holdridge & Shaun O’Harra, Fanatic Friday Crew Show Notes: Today “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” on 1180AM KCKQ the “Fanatic Friday Crew” (Grady Holdridge and Shaun O’Harra) Jenes Carter and I welcome back tennis…
Nevada Home Connections & Nevada Museum of Art 01/30/20
Jan 30 • 43 min
Guests: Shirley Larkins, Broker at Nevada Home Connections - Amanda Horn, Senior Vice President of Communications at the Nevada Museum of Art - Show Notes: Today on “The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show” on 1180AM KCKQ from…
Punk Rock Flea Market, Cordillera Film Festival, & Riverwalk Merchants Association 01/29/20
Jan 29 • 43 min
Guests: Cadillac Kim, Punk Rock Flea Market happening Feb. 9 from 11a-6p Emily Skyle-Golden, Cordillera International Film Festival - Britton Griffith, Riverwalk Merchants Association Show Notes: A lively discussion of art, music and culture.
Applied Improvisation & Kaia Fit South Reno 01/27/20
Jan 27 • 43 min
Guests: Christiana Frank of Applied Improvisation Emily Stewart, Manager at Kaia Fit South Reno - Show Notes: Fun show! We talk about applied improvisation to address social anxiety; women’s fitness with Kaia Fit’s all female gym and…
Fanatic Friday,
Jan 24 • 43 min
Guests: The Fanatic Friday Crew (Grady Holdridge and Shaun O’Harra) joins the show to talk sports! Ed Adkins from Crawl Reno joins The Reno Tahoe Tonight Show to talk about the upcoming Feb. 8, 2020 Onesie Crawl, happening in downtown Reno. -…
Sierra Arts Foundation, Right Hearted Weddings, The Lilley Museum, & NuWave Mayan 01/23/20
Jan 23 • 43 min
Guests: Tracey Oliver, Executive Director of the Sierra Arts Foundation Candi Block, CEO and Founder of Right Hearter Weddings - Vivian Zavataro, Acting Director of The Lilley Museum at the University of…
Reno Little Theater, Loud As Folk, & Liam Kyle Cahill 01/22/20
Jan 22 • 43 min
Guests: Melissa Taylor, Executive Director of the Reno Little Theater - Promoter Spike McGuire of Loud As Folk - Musician Liam Kyle Cahill -…
Top Notch Barber Shop 01/21/20
Jan 21 • 43 min
Guest: Charles Hodges of Top Notch Barber Shop - Show Notes: Beauty Tuesday goes into the barber shop to talk about make grooming and cool cuts and fades!
Amplified Entertainment & Dead Panda Comedy 01/20/20
Jan 21 • 43 min
Guests: Kenneth Allen and Mikayla Slack of Amplified Entertainment - Chris Thigpen and Luke Westberg of Dead Panda Comedy and Reno Improv - Show Notes: Celebrating the legacy and birthday of Dr. Martin…