Fly Tyer Mike

Fly Tyer Mike
All things fly fishing with focus on wild/native trout conservation and improving the success of the beginner fly tyer and angler

MIND THE REDD! Learning fall/winter wading practices to protect wild trout spawning beds.
Feb 18 • 12 min
This is just a quick podcast on safe fall and winter wading practices to not disturb wild trout redds. Redds are easy to spot in the fall, but can become very camouflaged as fall rains can bring silt, and other debris that can hide the redd. I feel that…
Big News for Fly Tyer Mike!!!
Feb 10 • 10 min
Very excited to announce a collaboration between myself and Lively Legz. I cover some of what we have in store in the upcoming weeks. Also look for the “Blue Line Like a Beast” blog post dropping later today. Very excited to embark on this venture and…
How To Safely Take Photos of Fish
Jan 31 • 23 min
In this Episode I cover some tips and tricks that I use to safely take photos of the fish I catch on the fly. I feel this is a great chance for me to help new and seasoned anglers take better photos while also helping protect wild/native fish. These fish…
The Biggest Mistake That Beginning Fly Tyers Make
Jan 27 • 11 min
In this podcast I’ll discuss what I feel is the biggest mistake made by new fly tyers. I will also cover some of the upcoming happenings on the Fly Tyer Mike blog.
Who is Fly Tyer Mike??
Jan 20 • 22 min
This episode is a breakdown of who I am and what I want this podcast to be about. I go into my history as a fisherman and how I got my start in fly fishing and fly tying. I hope to help you grow as a fly fisherman and tyer as well as grow this podcast. As…