Balancing Life & Kids

Balancing Life & Kids
Have you ever wondered why you became a parent in the first place? Or what’s a good place to hide your snacks so that your kids won’t eat it? Have you ever needed tips to help you figure out how to travel with your child, or when is a good time to sta

What is Marriage?
Apr 30 • 124 min
In this episode, Kishna J. interviews her two very good friends Brittany (@b33bakedinc) and Crystal (@mrs__content_) on marriage and being a wife, a mom, and a step-mom. These ladies take a deep dive into what being a partner really entails and give…
Step Parenting
Apr 23 • 65 min
In this episode, Kishna J. Interviews fellow podcaster Nikki J. about the ups and downs of being a step-parent. Both parents provide helpful tips, speak on their experiences, and have amazing tools to overcome the pressure of being a 2nd parent to a…
Teacher, Teach Me!
Apr 16 • 72 min
In this episode, Kishna J. interviews Wismith Emilus (founder of @we__educate on instagram). Wismith is a teacher who has been teaching for 4 years and has figured out how to master classroom management. Wismith and Kishna talk about how manage…
Pussy Talk
Apr 9 • 30 min
In this episode, Kishna J. interviews Lorrain Battle- founder of Pussrageous, a non-profit organization centered around sex. The ladies talk about what Pussrageous is, why it’s important to embrace your sexuality and sexual desires, and how you can…
Sex Flaws
Mar 19 • 81 min
Do you have anything that you think you need to Improve on during sex? Do you know where you lack when It comes to being sexual? In this episode, Kishna J, Chrissy Lewis, and Garry Mills talk about what a “sex flaw” Is, what they lack, and how they (and…
ReInventng Yourself After A Breakup
Mar 12 • 89 min
In this episode, Kishna J and guests Garry Mills and Chrissy Lewis talk about how to find yourself after leaving a relationship and provide insight on dating and relationships both from a male and female perspective. You don’t want to miss this! Intro…
Mar 5 • 22 min
In this episode, Kishna J talks about the ups and downs of relationships, but how to make them better, bond with your partner, and provides tips on how to love on your significant other better. If your man/woman is getting on your last nerve, this…
Dating & Relationships
Feb 27 • 81 min
In this episode, my guests Resiash, Allen, and Bernice talk about relationships, dating, and what to look forward to (or not) in the dating scene.Intro music created by Mark on Twitter &…
Parenting After Abuse
Feb 20 • 24 min
Kishna J provides tips on how to parent abuse leaving an abusive relationship
Dads Matter Too!
Feb 13 • 37 min
Attorney A. Kinchloe provides insights and tips to dads on fighting for their custodial rights.
Feb 6 • 40 min
Single dad talks about parenting and dating
I’m A Mom?!!
Jan 30 • 76 min
3 moms and a baby talk about parenthood
Intro to Balancing Life & Kids Podcast
Jan 20 • 7 min
An introduction to the most amazing podcast ever!