Talk Psych to Me

Talk Psych to Me
Let’s get psychology out of the lab and into the streets. Join hosts Tania Luna (psychology researcher) and Brian Luna (total layperson) as they turn fascinating research into practical tips for being a better human.

Lust: Luna’s Inferno Part VIII
Jul 12 • 33 min
What makes us feel lust? Does it really make us stupid? And how can we feel more of it?
Gluttony: Luna’s Inferno Part VII
Jun 29 • 34 min
Eating too much causes more illness worldwide than eating too little. Why do we do it, and how can we stop?
Envy: Luna’s Inferno Part VI
Jun 21 • 34 min
Is envy a catalyst for resentment or fuel for social and personal progress? Find out how to make envy work for you.
Pride: Luna’s Inferno Part V
Jun 14 • 33 min
Is pride the deadliest of the 7 Deadly Sins or is it one of our greatest virtues?
Melancholy: Luna’s Inferno Part IV (bonus sin!)
Jun 7 • 35 min
So many of us are feeling weary and on the brink of hopelessness. This week, we talk about the psychology of melancholy - one of the original Eight Deadly Sins. We discuss the benefits of sadness, cultural norms, and how to use our small hope windows…
Wrath: Luna’s Inferno Part III
Jun 1 • 40 min
Get to know your wrath, what causes anger, and how to be angry well.
Greed: Luna’s Inferno Part II
May 24 • 40 min
Is greed good or is it the root of all suffering? What makes someone greedy, and just how greedy are you?
Sloth: Luna’s Inferno Part I
May 17 • 35 min
Feeling lazy? Tune in to diagnose yourself as we explore the psychology of the seven deadly sins, starting with sloth.
Dreams, demons, and brain dumps
May 10 • 33 min
Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? And how can we become better dreamers?
Onions, poop, and Hitler’s sweater: discussing disgust
May 3 • 30 min
What do you find disgusting? Why? And how does it impact the way you relate to others?
Unicorn flute problems
Apr 26 • 44 min
Learn how to reframe problems and become a skillful problem solver.
Water other people’s tulips
Apr 19 • 39 min
What’s good about getting older? How can we age well? And what advice should we take from older adults?
Step outside your yard
Apr 12 • 52 min
What exactly is empathy? Is it good or bad for us? And how do we learn to use it well?
My dad’s voice in your head
Apr 5 • 42 min
How to active Perseverance Mode by learning from neuroscience, POWs, homelessness, and Brian’s dad.
As luck would have it
Mar 29 • 47 min
How luck (and luck guilt) impact our lives and how we can all get lucky.
The Importance of Being F*@king Earnest
Mar 22 • 46 min
Why do we curse? How does it impact us and the way people see us?
Outtake: the laughing plague
Mar 15 • 4 min
A strange thing happened when we were recording Episode 11.
Hold onto your peanuts
Mar 15 • 46 min
How to keep your cool in the face of mass panic, moral panic, and individual panic.
Doctors without neck tats
Mar 8 • 33 min
How time, volume, intensity, artifacts, and culture impact communication.
Professor X skillz
Mar 1 • 34 min
Is 93% of all communication really nonverbal? Let’s find out!
Stop trying to make popular happen
Feb 23 • 44 min
What makes someone popular (or unpopular) and how popularity impacts our lives.
Busting makes you feel good
Feb 16 • 37 min
Find out how to bust cognitive dissonance and grow as a person.
Time is on your side
Feb 9 • 45 min
Find out how to stretch your brain time.
How to lose like a champion
Jan 31 • 38 min
Understand the psychology of winning and how to be a great loser.
Thunderdome babies and the science of hope
Jan 25 • 40 min
How to get the most out of failure and bulk up your hope muscles.
Dangling your own carrot
Jan 20 • 41 min
Get your self-control under control, from resisting temptation to avoiding manslaughter.
Your brain is hanging upside down
Jan 12 • 47 min
Get to know your own emotions (like hanger, nervous-excitement, fear, and more).
Talk Psych to You #1: listener questions answered
Jan 12 • 10 min
Your listener questions answered: ugly cuteness, validating evolutionary psychology, and the pros and cons of imagination.
Of cute mice and ugly babies
Jan 4 • 47 min
Find out why happy moments make us cry, cute animals make us growl, and how to leverage cuteness strategically.