Flirting With Travel Podcast

Flirting With Travel Podcast
A Podcast by 3 sisters who love traveling the world and want to share our stories of success, fails and tips to navigate easier. ** For the Fashionable wanderlust soul who makes traveling a lifestyle** We love to hear from you, what are your thoughts, leave a comment below. 💋 **Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe** Get to know us better: Website: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook:

20: Airbnb In Covid Times
Jun 30 • 25 min
The sisters discuss Airbnb during the covid
19: Flying During A Pandemic
Jun 26 • 26 min
Misty, Lexee, and D’Ambe discuss what the future will be like for travel during and post this pandemic.
Black Americans Fed Up Pt.2
Jun 12 • 31 min
Black Americans Are fed up with the current state of affairs and are exploring options of moving out of America. Tune in as we talk about how leaving America doesn’t solve the issue and how EXPAT life abroad has its own challenges.
17: Black Americans Are Fed Up Pt.1
Jun 9 • 30 min
With the Black Lives Matter protests happening across the America and frankly the globe. Misty, Lexee, and D’Ambe discuss growing frustrations of Black Americans wanting to leave the U.S.
16: The Revolution Will Be Televisded
Jun 3 • 46 min
Join us as we delve into D’Ambe’s best trips! The sisters discuss where her favorite trip was and why, her 2020 road map, and the eternal war for the middle seat armrest! Where do you hope to go once it is safe to travel post-covid19?
15: Introducing D’Ambe
May 26 • 46 min
D’Ambe, flight attendant and the middle sister of our trio joins us to discuss her travel style, travel tips and love for non rev!
14: How Misty Travels
May 12 • 51 min
In this episode, luxury traveler Misty talks about what makes a vacation great for her. She talks about cooking classes, walking tours, and her coveted personal days used to wander and explore. Get travel hacks on how money while traveling and efficiently…
13: Misty’s Best Trips
May 5 • 51 min
Episode 13: Misty’s Best Trips. In today’s episode we talk about Mistys favorite countries to visit. She distinguishes between top places to visit and places she would consider retiring in. Amongst the top are Cuba, Singapore, Bali. Subscribe, Like,…
12: Traveling While Black And American
Apr 28 • 57 min
In Episode 12 Misty Covers: Traveling as a Black Woman and Traveling as a Black American. All are interchangeable but American Privilege is highlighted.
11: The Bougie Traveler
Apr 21 • 61 min
Misty is the Bougie traveler of the trio. Listen to her explain her ways.
10: Making Friends Abroad | Flirting With Travel
Apr 14 • 36 min
Moving to another country can be a fresh start in so many ways, but making friends can also be a challenge. Misty talks about relationships when abroad and the importance of friendship.
9: Expat Living | Flirting With Travel
Apr 7 • 49 min
Misty is now in the hot seat as she discusses what its like to be an Expat having lived in the Middle East for nearly 10 years.
8 | Non-Rev
Mar 24 • 42 min
Have you ever wondered about Stand By Travel? Or heard someone want to buy a “buddy pass”. In today as episode Lexee shares her insider knowledge on non- rev travel. We love to hear from you, what are your thoughts, leave a comment below. 💋 **Don’t forget…
7 | Group Travel
Mar 17 • 45 min
We all know how stressful Group Travel can be to plan! Let alone how hard it is to pick the best personalities for group trips. This episode Lexee and Misty go over How to Plan a Group Trip and tips for traveling with a group. Don’t let it leave you like…
6 | Travel Packing
Mar 10 • 46 min
On this Episode, The girls talk about different travel packing styles and packing tips. Are you a just in case person? or are you a light packer? #teamcarryon vs #checkedbagnation. Are you a Living out of your bag vs unpacking at your hotel? We go over…
5 | Traveling Solo???
Mar 3 • 27 min
Misty & Lexee discuss the joys and perils of solo travel. Listen in for travel hacks and tips for everything you need to know about traveling solo. It can be an amazing experience, if prepped right!
4: Traveling While Black and Female | Flirting With Travel
Feb 25 • 42 min
On this episode Lexee discusses what it’s like to be traveling while, black and a woman. Which takes precedence?
3 - Lexee’s Worst Travel Vacations EVER!!
Feb 18 • 62 min
Hey Y’all listen to Lexee as she discusses her woes and some pretty jaw dropping and funny stories on her top 5 worst trips. Lexee gives us a play by play of her fight for her life with Mother Nature. Between the scolding hot water, stalking spider and…
2 - Lexee’s 5 Favorite Travel Destinations To Visit
Feb 11 • 51 min
In our second episode, Lexee goes into detail on her all time best travel destinations in the world. Have a listen!
1 - Lexee’s 30 Countries Before turning the big 3-0.
Feb 4 • 48 min
Hello World! On our very first episode, Lexee talks about how she challenged herself at 24 years old to travel to and through 30 countries by her 30th birthday. She talks about where the inspiration hit while backpacking through SE Asia to visit 24 more…
0 - Teaser
Jan 20 • 12 min
In this teaser episode, listen to a mashup of stories from different episodes as Lexee battles the elements of travel!