Tools of the Trade: The Marketing Tech that will help you Scale your Business

Tools of the Trade: The Marketing Tech that will help you Scale your Business
Each week, we interview the founders of marketing technologies to understand how they created the business, their growth and how their technology will benefit your business. This podcast is for anyone working in marketing that wants to understand what…

Ep.6 Interview with Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO, Huckabuy
May 6 • 31 min
In Episode 6 of Tools of the Trade, I get the opportunity to chat with Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of the SEO software company, Huckabuy.”This podcast was actually the first time that we had met; and there was so much value in this 30 minute chat,…
Ep.5 Interview with James Blackwell, Co-Founder of Buzzsumo
Feb 21 • 33 min
I’ve long followed the growth of Buzzsumo and have personally known James for a couple of years and am thrilled to have him on the podcast. James is the co-founder of Buzzsumo, and for those that are not familiar with Buzzsumo and work in digital…
Ep.4 Interview with Tracy Chiders, Founder of WishList Products
Feb 21 • 49 min
The joy of working in digital marketing. I’d not met Tracy or even heard of Wishlist Products until Rob and Kennedy of ResponseSuite (from Episode 1 of Tools of the Trade) introduced us. Four episodes in and there’s not one growth story that is not…
Ep.3 Interview with Jason Loevs, Co-Founder of
Feb 17 • 50 min
Creating something from scratch is hard, we all know it. You need a level of determination and an ability to dance with adversity that many people don’t have. Jason’s story about how came to be is a perfect example of this.Having started out…
Ep.2 Wave.Video
Jan 29 • 48 min
Interview with Daniel Glickman, CMO Wave.Video
Ep.1 ResponseSuite
Jan 20 • 57 min
Interview with ResponseSuite