The Mycelium Network

The Mycelium Network
Brought to you by David Nixon Writing, this is a space in the podosphere for all kinds of stories, ideas, thoughts and feelings. Be it for passion, for business, for fun - tell us your story - your way.

Daz N Dave’s Lockdown
Apr 27 • 51 min
The sound quality is really bad - we will get this sorted out for next time. —- Send in a voice message:
What Why Who Where When How?
Mar 16 • 13 min
A quick look at of David Nixon Writing and it services. —- Send in a voice message:
Five Steps to Reframing Your Fear
Feb 16 • 14 min
This is the audio version of the video series. To find out more come along to the taster session on the 1st March, where we will be exploring the subject through he use of games and physical activities. —- Send in…
Blunt Force Trauma
Feb 2 • 49 min
This episode has been specially recorded for the Occupational Therapy students of the University of the Sunshine Coast. Apologies for the sound quality and terrible editing. —- Send in a voice message:
Too Many Daves
Jan 24 • 51 min
A conversation with myself and Dave Brown. Talking language poo and living in the modern age (isn’t it always the modern age?) For some reason there is a long run off on this recording - there is nothing at the end, no Easter egg or surprise ending. —-…
Just a little something.
Jan 21 • 8 min
This is just a little morsel from David Nixon Writing with news of some forthcoming broadcasts. —- Send in a voice message:
The Mycelium Network - Trailer
Jan 19 • 4 min
Welcome to the Mycelium Network, the podcast channel for David Nixon Writing. —- Send in a voice message: