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Crazy F'in Retail
Retail is crazy. Your Leadership doesn’t have to be. Crazy F’in Retail was created as a resource for retail leaders to learn, grow, and realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Together, Brennan Decker and Alice Fontanos put their 30+…

The Hav A Sole Story with Rikki Mendias
May 3 • 30 min
This is a very special episode for us as we interview an incredible human, Rikki Mendias, Founder of Hav A Sole. Hav A Sole is a Los Angeles based Non Profit Organization that has given out over $1.5 MILLION worth of quality footwear to the homeless and…
Do you have REAL SKILLS?
Apr 14 • 86 min
In this episode Alice and Brennan discuss the REAL SKILLS that retail leaders utilize daily in their role.
Make Your Team Members Feel Appreciated
Mar 31 • 36 min
Alice and Brennan discuss the article, The Little Things That Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated.
Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matters w/ Sabrina Meherally
Mar 23 • 36 min
Sabrina Meherally joins us to discuss why diversity, equity, and inclusion matters in retail and what you can do about it. We discuss what drove Sabrina into D&I, what it means, and dig into our bias’. This is an episode that you do not want to…
Don’t Demonize Your Team For Speaking Up
Mar 17 • 16 min
Alice and Brennan discuss an issue that crosses industry boundaries and is all too common, Demonizing team members for speaking up. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many leaders don’t even know that they have. Listen in to learn more.
Stop Saying Tough Conversations
Mar 10 • 28 min
In this episode, Alice and Brennan discuss how to provide your team with “tough feedback” and why we shouldn’t call them conversations.
Leveled Up Leadership - Learn to Delegate
Mar 2 • 42 min
In episode 5 of Crazy F’in Retail, the Podcast Brennan and Alice discuss the Harvard Business Review Article - 8 Ways Leaders Delegate Successfully (link below) by Deborah Riegel (8/15/2019).
Does Your Team Have an Accountability Problem? ⚖️
Feb 24 • 57 min
In this episode, Alice and Brennan review the Harvard Business Review article “Does Your Team Have an Accountability Problem?” by Melissa Raffoni (published 2/10/2020). Read the article for yourself using the link below and let us know what you think on…
A Better Way To Develop Top Talent 👨‍🏫
Feb 17 • 31 min
Alice and Brennan discuss the Harvard Business Review article “A Better Way to Develop Top Talent” by Margaret Rogers (Published January 2020)Link to article:
Good Leaders Are Good Learners 👩‍🎓
Feb 10 • 34 min
Alice gets vulnerable as we discuss why being a good learner is a requirement of being a good leader. Article Credit: Good Leaders Are Good LearnersBy Lauren A. Keating, Peter A. Heslin, & Susan J. AshfordHarvard Business Review, August 10,…
How To Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee 🤢
Feb 4 • 51 min
Where do “toxic employees” come from and how to avoid them?
Meet your hosts - Podcast Trailer
Jan 26 • 6 min
Learn about who we are and why we are launching the Crazy F’in Retail podcast.