Weekly Podcasts by Stew Bittman featuring inspiration and practical tools for expressing and experiencing more love and joy in your life.

February 23, 2020: “Thermostat or Thermometer?”
Feb 23 • 10 min
Altering our attitude can alter our life and we don’t have to wait for circumstances to change
February 18, 2020: “You Must be Present to Win”
Feb 18 • 10 min
Love means being present, not necessarily fixing ourselves or others!
February 9, 2020: “Is-ness as Usual”
Feb 9 • 8 min
Is-Ness as Usual by Stew Bittman. There are indeed no ordinary moments, and in this episode, Stew helps us dive into more of ours. Stew on This is a weekly Podcast featuring inspiration and practical tools for expressing and experiencing more love and…
February 3, 2020: “Pick on Somebody Your Own Size”
Feb 3 • 10 min
Becoming a good caregiver for self begins with our self-talk
January 26, 2020: “The Most Precious GIft”
Jan 26 • 12 min
The most precious gift in the world is you! And me!
January 20, 2020: “If Not Now, When?”
Jan 20 • 7 min
In the face of his own family sadness, Stew shares about overcoming our “yeah, buts” to loving
December 1, 2019: “Onward to Onward”
Jan 18 • 15 min
The value of persistence and and keeping the end in mind as we journey to love
December 8, 2019: “Things are Looking Up”
Jan 18 • 14 min
Love is seeing things from the highest point of view…Stew helps us get there
November 12, 2019: “I.O.U. Love”
Jan 18 • 10 min
Stew shares his roadmap to self-love in this episode
January 5, 2020: “A New Idea for the New Year”
Jan 18 • 13 min
Stew starts of a new year of podcasts with a reminder to start the year with a big vision for ourself
November 24, 2019: “Cleaning Up the Neighborhood”
Jan 18 • 14 min
As we direct our attention inward, how to make the neighborhood of our consciousness a safer place
October 19, 2019: “Our Sacred Trust”
Jan 18 • 12 min
In this episode, Stew discusses our most valuable possession: our consciousness
December 15, 2019: “Love, the Final Frontier”
Jan 18 • 10 min
Stew explains why love is always a beautiful choice and gives us tools to make that choice
October 26, 2019: “Get the Idea”
Jan 18 • 12 min
Keeping the “why” behind what we want in life first and foremost
November 17, 2019: “It’s an Inside Job”
Jan 18 • 14 min
All things of value come from within and it’s the first direction on the roadmap to self-love
October 12, 2019: “Keep the Change”
Jan 18 • 12 min
An exploration of giving, receiving and oneness
November 3, 2019: “Beyond Compare”
Jan 18 • 14 min
Why we don’t have to waste time comparing ourselves to others or to who we think we “should” be
October 7, 2019: “Are We There Yet?”
Jan 18 • 13 min
Stew delves into the idea of acknowledging and appreciating the present moment, rather than looking to the future for happiness
January 12, 2020: “If It is To Be, It is Up To…We”
Jan 18 • 12 min
In this podcast, Stew reminds us we’re not alone on our journey to self-love
December 30, 2019: “Put on Your Own Mask First”
Jan 11 • 12 min
Last Podcast of 2019 - The importance of self-care