Hi, we’re Aaron and Amy! We’ve been managing tech teams for a combined 12 years, and over this time have learnt (often painfully) what does and doesn’t work. In this podcast we’ll be talking to the people we turned to for ideas, advice, and encour

Pat Kua
May 30 • 49 min
Pat Kua joins us to chat about Tech Leadership and engineering culture. Pat’s an incredibly experienced tech leader, most recently as CTO at N26. He’s also a regular keynote speaker, mentor, author of 3 books, and curator of the awesome Level Up…
Meri Williams
Apr 29 • 60 min
We’re joined by the amazing Meri Williams, previously CTO of Monzo, MOO, and M&S, as well as host and co-curator of the incredible LeadDev conferences. Meri’s an experienced technical leader, one who’s really technical - check out her story of…
Kim Scott
Apr 10 • 48 min
Kim Scott, author of the New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller Radical Candor, talks to us about feedback, growth management and why reading novels is a great way to improve your management skills. Kim has been a CEO coach at a number of…
Camille Fournier
Mar 16 • 40 min
Join us in this episode of Humans+Tech as we chat to the incredible Camille Fournier, managing director of Two Sigma and author of the books The Manager’s Path and 97 Things Every Engineering Manager should know.
Patty McCord
Jan 25 • 54 min
Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer of Netflix, joins us to discuss her book Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility
Lara Hogan
Jan 18 • 43 min
Lara Hogan joins us on the Humans+Tech podcast to talk about her latest book, Resilient Management