Career Strategy Coach

Career Strategy Coach
A framework of strategies to help you design and travel a unique career path to freedom. #career #strategy #freedom #playbook

How to Design Your Next Career Transition
Feb 17 • 15 min
Use a transition statement to summarize a “design” for the next stop on your career journey. Arm stakeholders with this concise overview of what you are seeking and you will help them help you.
How to Find Product-Market Fit for Your Career
Feb 9 • 20 min
One of the most important questions in life is where to spend your time, talent and treasure. By applying time-tested business and product strategies, you can actively manage career fit throughout your life. This can increase the likelihood of the…
Connect With Your Mortality
Jan 26 • 6 min
Our days are limited. Instead of avoiding what can be a depressing thought, embrace each day as a gift as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Connect with your mortality.
Know Who to Take On the Journey
Jan 22 • 11 min
A partner has a profound influence on your career success. Consider this a key part of your strategy. We need a set of ideas to protect us from our naivety and reduce risk from one of life’s most important decisions. —- This episode is sponsored by ·…
Connect with Yourself
Jan 14 • 5 min
Learn about 5 simple actions you can take each day to give yourself the essential and powerful gift of self- awareness.
Connect Through the Unspoken
Jan 12 • 6 min
Success in life is often decoding the unspoken - the visual clues that allow us to connect with someone at a deeper level. The ability to read between the lines and achieve success professionally and in our personal lives.
#1: Career Strategy Framework overview
May 18, 2019 • 12 min
This is my first podcast that provides an overview of the Career Strategy Framework.