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Game Consultant
Reinout is an investor and advisor in the games industry. He is hosting a games podcast. Interviews with leading gaming people with industry insights make his podcast ‘the’ industry games podcast.

Episode 15 with Esports item of Cris Reed and interview Doki Tops of about Cloud gaming, streaming and indie game developers
Mar 29 • 56 min
People that worked with me on this episode; Doki Tops of and Cris Reed of The Level Up Experience. Quick word; The games industry is doing realy well during this lockdown. All good, but lets make sure that we, as an industry, will also look…
Episode 14; What will Covid-19 Corona Virus do with the Games Industry 2020-2022?
Mar 26 • 7 min
In this episode I am asking a few questions besides my take on what might happen in the games industry! I am inviting you to come and brainstorm. Let other people know, that I am trying to get something going here, where we, as a gaming industry, compare…
Episode 13 Quick Overview of the Latest Game News by Reinout te Brake
Mar 24 • 9 min
A quick overview of the latest game-news. One interesting thing. Appsflyers is predicting increase for 2022 in user acquisition. My question is; In the light of the corona virus, can you seriously predict this? My usual sources are;…
Episode 12; Jacob and Teddy explain Nordic Game, New item (Cris) Reed thinks is about esports and latest game news
Mar 22 • 45 min
In this episode 12 I have Jacob Riis and Teddy Florea. Jacob is the organiser, CCO, and Host, Nordic Game Conference + Nordic Game Discovery Contest at Nordic Game Resources AB. Teddy is Director of Business Development at Nordic Game Resources AB. They…
Episode 11 Interview with Oscar Clark, Former Evangelist for Papaya Mobile, Applifier and Unity Technologies
Mar 19 • 62 min
I did interview Oscar Clark, who didnt want to tell me his age! In a way he did. The whole interview you can listen here. It was a magical an hour. I just couldnt stop him and that is the format! Get industry people to talk, explain, share their vision,…
Promo Episode 11; Mister Oscar Clark, Mister Unity, Mister Experience in Gaming 20+ years
Mar 18 • 4 min
Are you an indie developer? Wonder how to develop your game? Publish your game, do user acquisition in a good way, which gaming events to visit and so much more? I talk to Oscar Clark, 20+ in the gaming business. He can tell you to do’s and the don’t.…
Episode 10 with interviews Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach
Mar 15 • 60 min
First interview is with Professor Odile Limpach teaches economics and entrepreneurship at the Cologne Game Lab. Second interview is with Dean Takahashi, who is the lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. Besides the news of,…
Promo Episode 10 with Dean Takahashi, the Lead Writer of GamesBeat and Odile Limpach, autor of The publishing Challenge for independent videogame developers
Mar 12 • 1 min
Talking to Dean Takahashi of Gamesbeat. Also a talk with Odile Limpach, who published her book “The publishing Challenge for independent videogame developers” Some of my questions; Who is Dean Are you a gamer Why and how did you start writing about games…
Episode 9; Special Podcast about the risks of Game Conferences and should we go online with these conferences
Mar 10 • 31 min
I spoke with Michael Liebe, who is organizing GamesWeekBerlin. He reached out and we discussed the topic of game conferences these days and the corona virus. How is it to be in his position? How is the gaming industry responding? What are other options,…
Episode 8; Indie Game devs LATAM and Gaming, Games For Change, Beat the Intro and more
Mar 8 • 39 min
Game Consultant Podcast, Episode 8 with Corona hits gaming industry, LATAM and Gaming, Games For Change, Beat the Intro and more! In Episode 8 of Game Consultant some very interesting topics, besides the lastest game news. - Margaret of Games for Change…
Promo Episode 8 Game Consultant, the weekly games industry podcast
Mar 5 • 2 min
In Episode 8 of Game Consultant some very interesting topics, besides the lastest game news. Epic cancels Unreal Fest Europe Following its withdrawal from GDC 2020, engine provider scraps its own event due to “uncertainty around health concerns and…
Episode 7 Game Consultant; ESL And Corona Virus, Kicked up of appartment and sell to Ubisoft, Israel and Games and Game Consultant Jay Powell
Mar 1 • 56 min
Episode 7 of is live! - From “Getting kicked out of your student appartment” to getting acquired by Ubisoft. Daniel Stammler tells about it. - Gaming in Israel is hot. A conference you should visit is to get to…
Quick Episode; Corona Corona! The virus has hit the Games Industry
Feb 28 • 4 min
Gaming Companies are cancelling; But there is an event that takes place;…
Promo Episode 7 Game Consultant with Jay Powell, Guy Ben-Dov, Daniel Stammler, Utomik and more
Feb 27 • 4 min
The latest Game News; Roblox funding, GDC Corona virus Gaming in Israel, Guy Ben-Dov is giving us an update Start up life in Gaming; Daniel Stammler, CEO of Kolibri Games, acquired by Ubisoft Game Consultant; Jay Powell of the Powell Group consulting…
Episode 6; Deconstructor of Fun, Recruitment in Games, Game News and Game Companies to Watch
Feb 23 • 38 min
In this episode, besides the latest game news, and again the status of GDC versus Corona virus; - Michael is going to explain what Deconstructor of Fun. I am always reading their linkedin update. Super interesting. - Marc of Game Recruiter is explaining…
Promo Episode 6; Recruitment in games, Deconstructor of Fun, Games Watch list
Feb 20 • 1 min
In episode 6 we have a diversity of people. Main topic is Recruitment and Games Michael is going to explain what Deconstructor of Fun. I am always reading their linkedin update. Super interesting. Marc of Game Recruiter is explaining the world of…
Episode 5; Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, Esports, facts and Figures, Legal in Games, Workshop by BizTech and Elite Game Developers
Feb 16 • 35 min
30 minutes of gaming update. Hope you will enjoy it. I want to thank the following people for assisting with answers to my questions; - Joakim Achrén Of Elite Game Developers, his podcast; - Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney -…
Promo Episode 5 of Game Consultant
Feb 12 • 1 min
I do hope you enjoyed episode 4 of Game Consultant. In episode 5 on Saturday the following items; - Start up in Games, Joakim Achrén founded NextGames and now has a new start up “Elite Game Developers”. - Legal and Games, how boring, do you say? But so…
Podcast Game Consultant Episode 4; GDC and Corona Virus, Mobile Revenues, Funding and Marketing
Feb 8 • 15 min
Read more about the episode here; #esports #podcast #game #consultant #games # industry #gdc #2020…
Promo For This Weekend’s New Podcast Episode Of Game Consultant; “Mobile Gaming Revenues On The Rise”
Feb 5 • 1 min
This weekend a brand new episode of Game Consultant. I am going to talk about the growing revenues of mobile gaming. 2019 was, yet, another stellar year for mobile gaming revenues. Sensor Tower estimates show that worldwide spending in games grew 12.8%…
Topics like China, GameBizCon, GameRefinery, Big Karma Games and more!
Feb 1 • 22 min
Changed the format a bit, not just one topic per episode, but address things that I feel that are relevant for & about the gaming industry. GameBizCon with Dirk Schmitt had a conference this week, a jury selected a top 10. Realy nice talking to people via…
Why da heck are we going to game conferences?
Jan 25 • 19 min Podcast time; Why da heck are you going to game conferences? My personal view what should be crucial for the gaming space when it comes to gaming conferences. Also a bit about myself, improve the podcast. —- Send in a voice message:…
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