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SOCOM Athlete is America’s #1 resource for Special Operations Preparation. Host of the “Send Me” Podcast, Jason Sweet is a former Special Operator (USAF PJ), holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry, and played Football for the University of Ariz

The Story of Chief “Super” Sanchez: Retired Pararescueman (PJ) & Tier 1 Operator, serving on SEAL Team 6 Blue Team, JSOC, & more.
Jul 25 • 96 min
Join us for a special episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast as we hear the story of retired Chief Master Sergeant “Super” Sanchez. A former 212 RQS & 306 RQS PJ, JSOC/Tier 1 Operator who served on SEAL Team 6, PJ Schoolhouse Director of training, and…
Interviews/Stories: “Swift, Silent, Deadly!” Senior Instructors/Cadre of USMC RTC (Reconnaissance Training Company) & Hell Day San Clemente III Debrief/AAR
Jul 20 • 84 min
You’re listening to another exclusive episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast “Send Me” as we’re joined by three senior instructors/cadre from the USMC’s RTC/BRC (Basic Reconnaissance Course). The three instructors joined us over the weekend as special guest…
LIVE Q&A: Hell Day by SOCOM Athlete w/ Special Guest Instructors-Arnold Stocker, Kini Cole, JP Cervantes, Mike Penticura, and Timothy Branch.
Jul 9 • 58 min
Join us for an exclusive episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast “Send Me” discussing the event “Hell Day,” a nation-wide, world class training event preparing students for the rigors of Special Operations training. SOCOM Athlete has conducted 28 Hell Day…
LIVE Interview/Q&A: Nutrition, Meal planning, & Supplements w/ Courtney Reeves, Nutritionist & Pro Bodybuilder
Jun 20 • 80 min
Join us for another episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast “Send Me” as we bring on SOCOM Athlete’s Nutritionist, Courtney Reeves, a professional bodybuilder & dietitian. Host Jason Sweet & Courtney discuss topics of nutrition, meal planning, and…
African Americans in Special Operations: The Story of Kini Cole & Lt Colonel Arnold Stocker
Jun 11 • 121 min
Join us for another episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast “Send Me” as we bring on our good friends Kini Cole & Lt Colonel (Dr.) Arnold Stocker to tell their stories, talk about being African American in Special Operations, and discuss their view of…
The Story of Green Beret Charley Stetson: A Warrior & Lancero/Commando + LIVE Q&A & Nat. Guard Special Forces Life
Jun 3 • 97 min
Join us for a special episode of “Send Me” as host Jason Sweet conducts a LIVE interview/Q&A with Green Beret & SOCOM Athlete instructor Charley Stetson. Charley began his career in the Army at 19 years old as an Airborne infantryman at Ft….
“Warrior Leadership” w/ Author JB Spisso, US Army Ranger & Sergeant Major (retired)
May 29 • 68 min
Join us for another empowering, action-filled episode of “Send Me” as host Jason Sweet conducts a LIVE interview/Q&A with JB Spisso, the author of “Warrior Leadership.” JB is a US Army Ranger & Sergeant Major (retired) who served 26 years in the…
LIVE Interview/Q&A: Major Chris Walsh, USAF Special Warfare Officer & USA Bobsled Team member
May 26 • 79 min
Join SOCOM Athlete for another empowering episode as we hear the story of Major Chris Walsh, USAF Special Warfare Officer/STO (Special Tactics Officer). “First There!” The motto Combat Controllers/Special Tactics Officers live by. Major Walsh is a fully…
LIVE Interview/Q&A: US Army Recruiting & Green Beret Travis Wilson; Special Forces Contract (18X) & Becoming a Green Beret.
May 24 • 88 min
Join SOCOM Athlete as we Q&A LIVE w/ Army SOF Recruiter SSG Chris Arroyo & retired Green Beret Travis Wilson. Travis deployed multiple times to combat zones & was severely injured in a military parachuting accident which required him to…
LIVE Interview/Q&A: Elite Athletes vs. Special Operators w/ Olympian/CCT Mike Hazle, Pro MMA fighter/CCT Connor Matthews, USAF PJ/2-Sport NCAA Athlete Jason Sweet
May 20 • 166 min
In this incredibly anticipated episode of SOCOM Athlete’s podcast “Send Me,” we bring on: Olympian & CCT (Combat Controller) Mike Hazle, UA Football/GCU Baseball Player & PJ (Pararescueman) Jason Sweet, and Pro MMA Fighter & CCT Connor…
The Story of SOF TACP Verne Patterson: From College Athlete to Combat-Proven Warrior
May 20 • 54 min
Join us for this episode as we hear the story of a warrior; Verne Patterson. “Death on Call!” The phrase SOF TACP (Special Operation Forces Tactical Air Control Party) live by, acting as force multipliers & JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controllers)….
LIVE Q&A: TACP/JTAC 147th ASOS SrA Travis W. Ross talks Recruiting, Training, Pipeline, & life as a National Guard TACP
May 1 • 65 min
“The strong shall stand, the weak will fall by the wayside!” The motto of United States Air Force TACP (Tactical Air Control Party), a dedicated JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) entity of Air Force Special Warfare. We’re joined by full-time…
Interview: Mike Mahroney, USAF Pararescueman (PJ) & Legendary PJ INDOC Instructor
Apr 22 • 106 min
Mike Mahroney is credited with having saved 5,324 lives with his teammates over the course of his career as a PJ. An iconic INDOC (Pararescue Indoctrination Course) instructor for many years, Mike earned the nickname “The Abyss” from his students for…
LIVE Q&A: Navy SEAL Sniper Aaron discusses BUD/S, training Tips & his career as a Navy SEAL
Apr 11 • 105 min
Join SOCOM Athlete as we conduct a LIVE Q&A and interview w/ Navy SEAL Sniper Aaron of SEAL Team 8 & SEAL Team 2. Aaron is interviewed by former Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) & 2-Sport NCAA Athlete, Jason Sweet. Aaron & Jason attended…
LIVE Q&A: SWOE-V Explained w/ USAF Special Warfare Recruiters & Connor Matthews, CCT/Pro MMA Fighter
Apr 11 • 79 min
Join SOCOM Athlete as we Q&A LIVE w/ Air Force Special Warfare Recruiters TSgt Rosa & TSgt Spencer. Also joining the LIVE Q&A is Connor Matthews, pro MMA fighter & former USAF CCT (Combat Controller) and Jason Sweet former 2-Sport NCAA…
Explained: Air Force SWOE-V (Special Warfare Operator Enlistment-Vector): SOCOM Athlete’s Jason Sweet
Apr 2 • 24 min
Air Force Special Warfare has implemented vast changes in their recruiting, development, and selection processes. The A & S (Assessment & Selection) course is now named “Special Tactics & Guardian Angel Course.” With the new AFSC 9T500,…
Interview: Father-Son PJs (USAF Pararescuemen) Maurice & Jason Sweet. First & Only Father-Son Teammates in Special Operations History
Mar 16 • 82 min
Father-Son Parescuemen Maurice & Jason Sweet served at the same team at the same time at the 306th Rescue Squadron, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. Maurice was originally a PJ in the 1980’s and early 90’s. He re-enlisted in 2010 at the age of…
RASP 3-20 Graduation. Former SOCOM Athlete Student Matt graduates as an Army Ranger
Mar 12 • 23 min
Host Jason Sweet interviews his former student Matt after attending his RASP graduation, Class 3-20 in Fort Benning, Georgia. Jason tells of his experience attending the graduation & briefly discusses the path from a recruiting and fitness…
Interview: CCT Graduate & Former SOCOM Athlete Student John discusses his path to becoming an elite USAF Combat Controller
Mar 12 • 38 min
Host Jason Sweet interviews his former student John after attending his CCT graduation. As a USAF Combat Controller (CCT) Graduate & Former SOCOM Athlete Student, John discusses his path from Navy ROTC & a member of the SOCOM Athlete Arizona…
Interview: Isaiah Staley Navy SEAL Officer retired who was formerly both a USAF PJ & CRO
Feb 25 • 43 min
What are the differencs between Navy SEALs & other Special Operations careers like Air Force Pararescue (PJ)? Which training is harder? PJ or SEAL? Retired Navy SEAL Officer Isaiah Staley was a PJ that commissioned and became a CRO (Combat Rescue Officer)…