Love Unlimited with Hellen

Love Unlimited with Hellen
This is a weekly podcast that focuses on how to develop, improve and sustain a thriving marriage. Our goal is to help you establish strong relationships with yourself and with those around you especially your spouse. I invite you to adventure in the …

Unlimited EP 49: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods: They are not my children
May 31 • 7 min
how to deal with cheating lying spouse
Unlimited EP48: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods: I can’t get over my crush
May 31 • 6 min
If you are married and are still mulling over your crush, it is time to sober up.
Unlimited EP 47: 5 Minutes Mariiage Pods - Can marriage survive infidelity?
May 14 • 5 min
Are there exceptions to forgiveness with regard to infidelity?
Unlimited EP 46: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - After the baby comes how do we keep the flames alive
May 13 • 5 min
How do I still enjoy the love relationship with my spouse even after the baby’s excitement fades
Unlimited EP 45: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - Sex toys in marriage
May 11 • 6 min
Do you really need sex toys in mariage
Unlimited EP 44: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - Happy Mother’s Day
May 10 • 6 min
lets take a moment and honour our mothers: they are wiser than we think.
Unlimited EP43: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - why some people enjoy marriage while others prefer not to marry
May 10 • 6 min
Living in or formalizing your love relationship? Which one is more attractive to you and why?
Unlimited EP42: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - What do you benefit from marriage
May 8 • 6 min
what are the benefits of being married? This is in praise of those who stay in marriage for it s goodness sake.
Unlimited EP41: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - How do I impress my in-laws
May 7 • 6 min
Be yourself, drop the acting in order to impress your inlaws.
Unlimited EP40 - 5 Minutes Marriage Pods - My go-to Bible verses on Marriage and love
May 7 • 9 min
Here are my gavorite Bible verses relating to marriage
Unlimited EP39 - 5 Minutes Marriage Pods: why are the first years of marriage so hard
May 6 • 5 min
Expectations versus reality collide after the honeymoon
Unlimited EP38: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods- Do you and your spouse ever fight and over what?
May 4 • 7 min
Why do we fight? What is the significance of couples fighting?
Unlimited EP37: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods: My spouse enjoys intimidating me
May 3 • 5 min
It is crucial to be sensitive to your spouse and avoid intimidation
Unlimited EP 35: 5 Minutes Marriage Pods: Oops! did I make a wrong choice?
May 2 • 6 min
It is normal to doubt, but it iabnormal to keep searching for Mr/miss perfect. You work at what you have with what are.
Unlimited EP 36: 5 minutes marriage pods day 2: Are all marriages made in heaven?
May 2 • 5 min
There are marriages with perfect harmony, and there are those that should have never happened…
Unlimited EP34: Three Skills I have learned during Covid Lockdown
Apr 30 • 15 min
It is time to learn from within: Covid lockdown is a classroom of its own kind
Self Focus Challenge Day 7 - Be yourself EP 33
Apr 18 • 13 min
How to focus on being yourself.
Self Focus Challenge Day 6 - How to Love yourself EP32
Apr 17 • 13 min
How to love yourself during COVID-19 lockdown
Self Focus Challenge Day 5 - Plan your day, plan your life EP 31
Apr 16 • 15 min
How to plan you.r day, and eventually your life
Self Focus Challenge Day 4 - Embrace continuous Learning EP 30
Apr 15 • 11 min
Embrace continuous learning
Self Focus Challenge Day 3 - Be Mindful EP29
Apr 14 • 10 min
How to be mindful about your life
Self Focus Challenge Day 2 - Take Back your Power EP28
Apr 13 • 9 min
Quit blaming others and take back your power over your own future
Self Focus Challenge Day 1 - Drop that Baggage EP27
Apr 12 • 13 min
Get over your baggage and drop it
7 - Day Self Focus Challenge - Introduction EP26
Apr 11 • 3 min
Get your inner self to work with you.
Unlimited EP25 - Marriage is a Team Sport: Guest Patrick Juma
Mar 31 • 16 min
Marriage is a team sport; How well do you play in your team?
Unlimited EP 23 - How to be productive at home during Covid-19 Lockdown
Mar 22 • 16 min
How to get busy indoors during Covid-19 Lockdown
Unlimited EP24 - Marriage with humour
Mar 15 • 13 min
Let us loosen up to release the COVID-19 stress
Unlimited EP 22: 10 Dangerous assumptions about marriage relationships
Mar 6 • 27 min
lets burst those assumptions we bring to our marriages
Unlimited: Is love important for marriages to last EP 21
Feb 28 • 14 min
For a marriage to last, there is more to it than just love
Unlimited: 10 reasons why you should not get married EP 20
Feb 20 • 20 min
Do not marry if these are the reasons you have.
Focus Challenge Day 14 -Time to renew your commitment to each other EP 19
Feb 14 • 8 min
time to renw your vows and commitment to each other
Focus Challenge Day 13 - Ten crucial things to remember EP 18
Feb 13 • 12 min
Marriage is a two people organisation, a two people team and a unique entity which needs certain fundamentals to survive and thrive. Falling in love is a mystery that nobody can explain but keeping the relationship going needs more than just falling in…
Focus Challenge Day12 - Lovers’ Ten Commandments EP 17
Feb 13 • 9 min
10 Commandments of Love
Focus Challenge Day 11 - Valentine’s Day Fun Ideas EP 16
Feb 13 • 13 min
How to have fun on Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.
Focus Challenge Day 10 - Roses and Thorns: What are they? EP 15
Feb 11 • 17 min
Imagine a rose to represent your marriage relationship. The petals are the beautiful parts of the relationship, which both of you have worked hard to realize, your love, your children, your milestones etc. The stems represent the timeline of your…
Focus Challenge Day 9 - What your husband wishes you knew EP 14
Feb 11 • 9 min
Valentines Day is around the corner and we, ladies, wives, lovers and fiancees wish to treated specially on this day. How about our men, lovers, husbands, fiances? This is a candid talk from a man who cares to, all ladies who wish to understand their…
10 things your wife wishes you knew - Love Focus Challenge Day 8 EP 13
Feb 10 • 17 min
Aside with the chitchat - we have things they wish our darling husbands knew:The emotions behind our behaviourThe reason we ask many questions and opinionsThe strength and the sensitivity all
Focus Challenge Day 7 - Money, money, money and me EP 12
Feb 7 • 19 min
Finances are what makes you realise your dreams, your vacations, your lifestyle and also helps you build wealth. Finances require you to work together as a team; to synergize. Personal space on the hand is asking you the exact opposite; To let your…
Focus Challenge Day 6 - Bring your sexy back! EP 11
Feb 6 • 19 min
How to bring your sexy energy back to your relationship.
Focus Challenge Day 5 -Romance and Lovemaking EP 10
Feb 5 • 17 min
How to reconnect with your spouse, emotionally and physically in order to have a beautiful lovemaking relationship.
Day 4: Non-verbal Communication - How well do you understand and interpret your spouse’s? EP 9
Feb 4 • 18 min
How well do you understand your spouse’s non-verbal communication?
Focus Challenge Day 3 - Love Languages EP 8
Feb 3 • 11 min
What are the love languages and how do we understand our spouses’ languages
Focus Challenge Day 2 - Celebrate Milestones and Celebrate each other EP 7
Feb 2 • 6 min
How to recognize and appreciate your milestones and each other
Focus Challenge Day 1: Detoxify Your Marriage Relationship EP 6
Feb 1 • 15 min
How to identify and eliminate toxins in your relationship
14-Day Love focus Challenge starting February 1st - EP 5
Jan 28 • 5 min
Challenge yourself and your spouse to renew your relationship this February
Unlimited EP 4: How to win your spouse’s support in decision making
Jan 26 • 21 min
Do you ever wonder why your spouse keeps quiet when you need them to give you feedback? Do you want to end the confrontational episodes when you share your ideas?This article will give you hints as to what is going on your communication system and how…
unlimited EP 3: When it hurts too much to say
Jan 19 • 18 min
How to mend your relationship without hurting each other.
Unlimited EP 2: The Competitive Spouse
Jan 12 • 13 min
How to help your competitive spouse realize their dreams without crucifying your relationship
unlimited EP 1: Dating- Factors to consider before saying “I-do”
Jan 8 • 16 min
Important issues to discuss with your fiance before saying “I-do”