Wednesday Night ReLive - RVAxa

Wednesday Night ReLive - RVAxa
We are Richmond Chi Alpha, a campus ministry across VCU, VUU, and other surrounding universities. This is from our sermon from large group held on Wednesday nights @7pm in the VCU Commons Theater. To get more information, go to

Mar 6 • 42 min
Mike Godzwa takes us through the final message of Who Do You Think You Are? with a sermon from Ephesians 6, reminding us to be strong in the Lord. Many of our students are going abroad and to Washington DC for mission trips this week for spring break.…
Feb 27 • 33 min
Our soundboard’s recorder stopped working during our service, so we don’t have any sermon audio to share this week. We do have Zack and Jakia, though, and they’re here to recap and discus Paul’s charge to the Ephesians to imitate God. Speaking of…
Feb 20 • 40 min
This week we get to hear from THE Reverend Jen Godzwa on how to be a part of the body (of the church). If you like this podcast, please let your friends know! It’s really important for us to get the Word of God out there and make it as accessible as…
3 (ft. Rob Rhoden)
Feb 13 • 30 min
Rob Rhoden - the OG RVAxa staffer - comes to share with us a sermon on the love of God and how it empowers us. “Because God’s love is so big, you can dream big” -Rob Rhoden Get our updates on Instagram: @rvaxa
Feb 6 • 39 min
This week we have just the sermon for y’all. Mike continues preaching through Ephesians, and unpacks both the good news and bad news (the good news is better). Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: @rvaxa. We have some new stuff coming soon, and you…
Jan 30 • 73 min
Who do you think you are? What is our identity - in Christ or otherwise? Is it weird if you put your hands in the air during worship? Zack and Marcus (the master of dance himself) replay and break down the first sermon of RVAxa’s new sermon series,…
HOW We Pray - Matthew 6
Jan 23 • 80 min
We got a long one this time, folks! Mike went through the Lord’s Prayer in great detail and Zack and Sam are here to talk about it. How great is it to be independent, anyway? How has God provided for us? Will we really have enough? We have a lot of…
The Prodigal FATHER - Luke 15
Jan 16 • 54 min
Here it is, our very first RVAxa WN(R)L podcast!! We’re very excited to welcome you to the show. This is going to be a recap of the last Wednesday Night Live, along some announcements and commentary provided by Zack (our host) and Hannah (our guest).…