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Off the Cufflink
Politics is much more than 140 characters … Join David as he looks around the country week by week at the key political issues of the moment, not offering snark or bite, but analysis and perspective. Okay, and maybe sometimes a little bit of snark. Off the Cufflink is for the happy warrior remnant who still believe in movement conservatism, and still try to be in a good mood each and every day.

Kamala, polls, and all the things …
Aug 11 • 12 min
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President Trump and the Culture War
Jul 7 • 21 min
David’s full unpacking of the November election, and what President Trump needs to do to save his campaign, and what the results mean and do not mean to today’s heightened culture war Links mentioned in this episode:…
Special Edition: Race, Riots, and Refuge
Jun 2 • 25 min
David takes on the tragedy of the current social unrest, the state of race relations in our great country, and the underlying simplicity a morally-minded person ought to pursue here. He is not on mute and is not going on mute, because the goal is to…
The Lockdown Election
May 26 • 17 min
Joe Biden decides on a new definition of who is black, and Trump goes to a new low of asinine on Twitter. David sounds off on both, plus an extensive sound-off on lockdowns and freedom, in this week’s Off the Cufflink Links mentioned in this episode:…
Flynn Is Now Free To Go To A California Beach
May 7 • 15 min
David’s weekly musings cover Biden, Reade, Gavin, and Flynn - all five letter words Links mentioned in this episode:
Life is a Beach
Apr 30 • 16 min
In David’s 15 minutes of a weekly break from markets to talk politics, he unloads on beach closures, Newsom authoritarianism, and gives his nuanced view on Joe Biden’s latest hubbub Links mentioned in this episode:…
Is COVID politically charged, or culturally charged?
Apr 22 • 23 min
Is COVID politically charged, or culturally charged? And are these press conferences the worst part of the quarantine, or are they just desserts to both sides? Hear everything David has to say, plus some secret sauce on the protests, at this week’s Off…
POTUS, the Press, and COVID - A Viral Discussion
Apr 13
David doesn’t want to look at the COVID mess and economic pain through a specifically political lens, but he unpacks today why so many feel the need to do so, and who is bothering him the most in this arena. Join us for a new and overdue Off the Cufflink…
No Time For Politics
Mar 26 • 26 min
In this, the first Off the Cufflink podcast since the coronavirus pandemic took over American life (and capital markets), David shares what he has been up to, what his thoughts on the new stimulus are, and why he is so disgusted by people’s need to…
Bring Out Your Dead!
Mar 4 • 21 min
Unprecedented happenings surrounding the rise of Biden and the fall of so many of those who were winners, what is seems like, just yesterday. I have a take on it all…oh, and I approve this message. Links mentioned in this episode:…
Democratic Presidential Debate - South Carolina Edition
Feb 26 • 12 min
My recap of last night’s debacle in South Carolina. Links mentioned in this episode:
The Las Vegas Democratic Presidential Primary Debate (or was it “Wrestlemania”?)
Feb 20 • 21 min
I had a few thoughts on last night’s Democratic Presidential Primary debate. Links mentioned in this episode:
A Big Victory for Ending Harmful Class Warfare - Trump’s Pardon of Michael Milken
Feb 19 • 15 min
If all people take away from this momentous occasion is the cliche class warfare too many in this day and age are unable to transcend, they will miss a golden opportunity to capture profound lessons about justice, integrity, innovation and truth. Links…
Democratic Primary Update: is Bloomberg set to be the non-Sanders candidate, or is Mayor Pete the man to beat?
Feb 18 • 15 min
Is it a Sanders / Bloomberg race, or can Mayor Pete fill the moderate lane in the Democratic Primary? Links mentioned in this episode:
The Booming B’s of Bernie, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg and Bye Bye to Biden
Feb 12 • 21 min
Everything one needs to know about New Hampshire, from the dead Joe Biden candidacy to the booming B’s of Bernie, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg Links mentioned in this episode:
Feb 7
I owe you some I-ow-a talk. The President’s State of the Union was rip-roaring. DC is the world’s largest Kindergarten class. Is Biden dead? And so much more, in this latest edition of Off the Cufflink Links mentioned in this episode:…
Trump Wins the Democratic Iowa Caucus
Feb 4
Topics discussed: Iowa sets the bar for the rest of the country as low as it can, and President Trump ends up winning the Democratic Iowa caucus. Listen to why this was the worst three days for the Democrats since November 2016 but what the little…
Bolton Bombshell and The Impeachment
Jan 27
Topics discussed: So, John Bolton dropped a “bombshell,” the Democrats may be out of people listening, and the President still says his call was “perfect.” Why everything is always awful and what this means to those objectively analyzing American…
Introducing the Off the Cufflink Podcast
Jan 15
Topics discussed: US economy and President Trump’s re-election chances US and Iran Elizabeth Warren and the 2020 Democrat primary Links mentioned in this episode: