The Stresshacker

The Stresshacker
Leading Life Coach Sue Smith from talks you through techniques and advice for a happier, less anxious you.

Don’t panic! How to stay in control of your anxiety
Mar 19 • 10 min
You are in control! If you’re finding life stressful, let me help you regain your sense of control. Listen for some guided meditations and stress management techniques that I developed over my 30+ years of experience as a qualified stress and anxiety…
Working with parts of yourself
Mar 5 • 13 min
If you want to change a behaviour, chances are you’ll need to talk to whoever it is inside of you holding you back from change. In this episode, coach and therapist, Sue Smith explores how we can change our behaviours by working with different parts of…
Are You Anxious About A Career Change?
Feb 20 • 8 min
Over the years I’ve seen many clients whose anxiety has been generated by the need to make a career change and yet deep down they feel afraid to leave the security of what they know. Why don’t people feel able to leave a dull, monotonous job where they’re…
Beat Anxiety, Depression And Burnout With Balance
Feb 6 • 8 min
So many people I see in my practice are lacking energy; they feel tired, anxious and lethargic especially during wintertime. Never before have so many people and dare I say particularly women, been so exhausted and frazzled! That’s the subject for my…
Eight moments of mindfulness - guided meditation
Jan 23 • 8 min
Many of you are telling me how stressed you are at the moment. Whether that’s down to your heavy work load, the demands of family and friends, illness, life-changing events or those January blues, so I wanted to give you this gift. Use this guided…
Teaching your body to relax - guided relaxation
Jan 16 • 8 min
Sue Smith - Life Coach and hypnotherapist at - wasn’t always this calm. This is one of the first techniques she discovered and used frequently to help her combat the stress. It’s so simple and effective. If you’d like to record your…
One of my favourite meditations
Jan 2 • 6 min
Sue Smith, Life Coach and hypnotherapist, talks you through one of her favourite exercises. Great if you need to work through a problem, take a five minute moment to yourself, or drop off for a quick nap, just sit back (or even better, lie back!) and…